Monday, August 27, 2007

Dustin's Party

Dustin and Alicia held a fun party in their very cool backyard. We had some yummy pizzas fresh off the grill and some really good peanutbutter no-bakes that Rachel made. Genevieve had a fabulous time playing with Robby and Rachel's little boy Hyrum. It's so great to have such fantastic friends.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We had a great time getting together before Liz, Rob, Tiff and Steve both left for school. Joanna planned a perfect location and meal. It's sad that we can't all be together as much anymore, but it's cool we're all having our own adventures.


We had a great time playing in Jordanelle with the Macbeth's. Russ and I loved playing on the Sea Doos and the best part was the three of us swimming. Even the occasional wafting dead fish smell couldn't ruin our wading.

Independence Day

Independence day was so much fun! We saw the coolest fireworks show in town, "Cul-de-sac of Fire". Genevieve absolutely loved the incredible show. Our favorite part of the show, was D-day, courtesy of Steve Ord. We loved getting to be with Marilyn, Kirk, Marianne, Katie and Allison. We also went to the parade on the actual 4th, thanks to the Perry's saving us a spot. We had a great lunch that day at my Mom's with the Gardners and then we headed over to the Macbeth's a little later, for another yummy meal. We finished the day up by watching the fireworks from my parents.

Pioneer Day

Genevieve really enjoyed the fireworks we got for Pioneer Day. She would clap her hands and say "ooooh". Well, really, who wouldn't for such gourmet fireworks as smoke bombs, parachutes and ground flowers. We really pulled out all the stops. Allie and Mom were nice enough to come and enjoy the show even though it took us forever to find any matches or anything to light the fireworks.