Sunday, November 18, 2007


Out in the middle of British Columbia is one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. I love being there. I feel so calm and happy in myself whenever I'm there. It's a bit in the middle of nowhere, but boy is it worth the effort to get there. The weather wasn't the greatest while we were there, so the pictures didn't turn out as wonderful as I had hoped (and of course, it's me taking them so we can't expect anything all that amazing).

So now to the explanation of the whole adventure. . .


By this time I should probably be pretty good at knowing and thinking about what kind of place/activity is good with a child, but apparently there's still a light on, but nobody's home. We stayed in a Bed and Breakfast in Nelson our first night. It was on our way to Nakusp and I thought it would break up the drive nicely. Also, if you've ever seen Roxanne, it's all filmed in Nelson. But a Bed and Breakfast with an 18 month old who didn't sleep a wink on our journey to Nelson, until an hour before reaching our destination, set us up for a real disaster. The Bed and Breakfast was also a bit different than anything I've ever stayed in. Most are hotel like, with a more homey feel. This one felt like we were asking a guy we didn't even know, if we could crash at his place for the night. It was anything from private, very uncomfortable, which made the plethora of times Genevieve woke up crying agonizing. She woke up super early because she was of schedule and had slept so poorly the day before. She was exhausted, but she absolutely refused to go back to sleep and we just couldn't bear letting her cry and send our host into fits of rage. So we tried to keep her happy and quiet for the two and half hours we had to wait until breakfast was served. The guy was ok about the crying, but he wasn't all that understanding either and was sure to let us know that he had heard it all. To top the whole thing off, I had been freaking out trying to keep Genevieve from breaking anything in this guys house. I was especially concerned about a stone chess set, which she was completely infatuated with and didn't want to keep her hands off. In the end, it was clumsy and clutsy me who broke one of the castle pieces. Consequently, between my guilt and apprehension at what I was going to tell our host the next day, and Genevieve's fitful night of sleep, I slept horribly. Russ slept pretty bad himself. We were all really stressed and uncomfortable. So even though I'm sure many of you would never be as silly as me, I'm still warning all of you with children to avoid Bed and Breakfasts like the plague until your kids leave home, or some generous family member will watch your kids for you.


We went down to a park right by the lake and let Genevieve chase the ducks. She loved it at first until it became evident that she couldn't catch a single one. We decided on our return to the car that it was another bad move. Our shoes were covered in lovely duck turds. Upon trying to clean Genevieve's shoes I began to dry heave and had to run away before I lost my breakfast. One happy note on Nelson was our delicious dinner the night before. Genevieve wasn't so pleased, but we made it and the food was quite good.


Finally, Nakusp, or at least that's what it felt like. Our chalet was such a welcome relief to the B&B the night before. We finally felt like we could breathe and use the bathroom in comfort. Our three days there were glorious. Genevieve got to bed on time and could take her naps which provided us with happy times hiking, swimming and playing games. What a fun trip it turned out to be. It was so great having Allie, Dad, Kim, George, Matt and Betty there to enjoy it with Russ, Genevieve and I.

Well I have to run to church...more to follow


Tiffany said...

Vhari, I think your pictures are gorgeous! The scenery pictures are perfect, I would have mistaken them for professional pictures. I must admit my favorite picture is the last one with Genevieve peeking from the side of the pool. I am glad that the majority of the trip was a success :)

Megan said...

Okay, if you're going to put in the whole "i'm not a photographer" business then you have to back it up with truly horrific photography. That first picture with the sun and the trees... well it took my breath away. Thanks for the heads up with the B & B. It sounds like our trip to Santa Fe this summer at my aunt's house. Mags didn't sleep the entire night... except for like an hour every three hours. The joys of children. I still think you're a parenting genius just so you know. I love your travel log. You're so cute.

Sarah said...

Vhari...I'm still laughing about the B&B....what a nightmare at the time...yet it makes for such a good blog...(sounds like my experiences here) :)