Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And The Winner Is. . .

Megan! Thanks everyone for all of your comments. Just for your info I used this cool random name picker--which was actually pretty cool because I suppose I can be easily amused ( I hope this saves your life, like it saved mine. Judging from your comment it just might.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Cool Baby Finds:A Sped Up Version

So I'm pretty sure I should be getting some free stuff from all of these companies I'm promoting, but I'm also positive I won't be. I just hope you've found something that will help you. I feel bad that I've taken so long to post the next thing so I'm just going to post all the rest of the stuff in this post. Enjoy!

Baby Bath

I'm telling you, don't get one of those hard plastic monstrosities with all the bells and whistles. They are so cumbersome and really when you don't even give yourself ten minutes in the shower, why on earth would you give your baby an hour long spa treatment? The huge plastic thing becomes one of the most annoying baby gadgets to store. This bath, however, folds up and you just put it in the tub or sink and fill those up instead of the bath. It dries quickly and you can store it away without having it take up half your kitchen or bathroom. Best of all, this bath is super cheap. I think it's seven dollars on Amazon.

After the infant stage and once your baby can sit up, the inflatable tub insert bath is also fantastic. I bought mine off of ebay and it was really inexpensive. I saw this at Sarah's house and she always has swell ideas so I knew it would be a winner.

Baby Bjorn Anything

Ok so I already featured the bib and they are amazing. But everything else I've tried from Baby Bjorn are also worth the pretty penny you spend. I haven't tried some of the stuff because it is just way too much for me. But the potty and carrier I have and they are super swell. The potty is simple, yet is so easy to clean and helps in not distracting your kid with some sort of fanfare or other sound effect every time your kid blinks. I promise you will love it. I have tried other carriers. . .the Snugli in particular. The Snugli killed my back and shoulders. I thought it was going to be so great because the baby could face forward, outward or ride on your back and it was 1/3 the price of the Snugli, but the Baby Bjorn ended up doing what it was supposed to without hurting. I could wear the carrier for a long time and it felt so comfortable. I actually used it! And with a colicky baby it was sometimes such a life-saver. You can get the potty from Target/Amazon online and I would bid for a baby bjorn carrier on ebay.


I love my swing, but I don't think there is anything special about it that another swing couldn't offer. At first you look at the price tag and how much space it takes up and debate whether you really need one. I found it completely invaluable. I, however, had a baby who cried ALL THE TIME. If I wasn't constantly holding and performing some intense soothing techniques, she was screaming. The swing was the only place I could put her for a few minutes respite. I loved this thing and maybe it will be the same way for you.


Genevieve has had her fair share of illness and I've found this humidifier really does the job and is cute. I ended up asking for one for myself for Christmas. Somehow Genevieve and I are usually always sick at the same time and I was always envious of Gen's. You can find it at Target.

Pliko P3 Stroller

I'm in love with my stroller. Sarah gave me this recommendation and boy is it awesome! Thanks Sar! It's light, it's sturdy, it hasn't had any problems. I've loved it for every stage Gen's been in and it will continue to be great when the baby is born. (Toddlers can stand on the back and hang on). It's more pricey than a Graco, but you can usually find a good deal on ebaby and I will never regret that I paid a little extra for this awesome stroller. I could tell you all the things I love about it, but I'm lazy, so if you're interested let me know and I'll talk your ear off.

Britax Roundabout Carseat

Ok these are another pricey option, but I love ours. It hasn't gotten all nasty and disgusting like SO many car seats I've seen. And believe you me, Genevieve has put it through the test. She has puked, peed, pooped and destroyed it with all her various snacks, but it has held up so well. The thing is super comfy and we can pull it out easily while she's asleep so she can sleep without her neck looking like she's going to need a chiropractor. The straps also never get all tangled and messed up and you can also push them to the side where velcro holds them tight until your ready to strap your baby in. I love it. (It's on a super great sale right now on Amazon).

Well I'm sure there are some things that I've forgotten about, but I can always add them later. I hope these help any of you out there who are about to have babies or who are at a stage where they are ready to use some of these things. I'm also going to do some posts in awhile about all of the really crappy things I've bought and were such a huge waste and big disappointment. Oh and I'll be picking the winner of the first baby find:the snack trap on Wednesday, so comment away!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Quick Update

Sorry there haven't been any posts in awhile. We've been on vacation and I just haven't gotten around to doing the old blog. I'm super exhausted tonight and I'll try to get around to finishing up the baby stuff tomorrow.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sweet Baby Finds-Baby Bjorn Bib

This bib may be a bit more expensive than the plastic wipe-off ones with a small pouch at the bottom, but they are SO SO worth it. I've tried those cheaper bibs and they just don't do the job. Sure they keep the area they are covering clean, but the food and drink just end up everywhere else (pants, floor, high chair, uncovered shirt, shoes etc.). However with these bibs they catch a lot of what the normal bibs don't. I'm not going to say that they are perfect and it always ends up in the "trough", but most things do. We've been saved many times when Genevieve has tipped her water too much and half the glass comes running out and into the "trough". When she was just learning how to feed herself, most everything would end up there and not in her mouth. So we would just scoop it out and put it on her tray again for another try. Now it's still great and is still a life saver. The unfortunate thing about these bibs is that I haven't been able to find them in stores. The best place to get them is from Target online. Sometimes you can find them from other dealers on Amazon, but it's usually cheaper to do Target. I try to wait until I need enough stuff and can qualify for the free shipping (they will occasionally offer free shipping if you spend $50 or more. Sometimes you can find a code for it by just googling free shipping from Target). Get the two pack. I'm telling you you'll love them and you'll want to have two. I've also found a good second to the Baby Bjorn bib is the kiddopotamus bibbity bib or something like that. It folds up pretty well and works almost as well as the Baby Bjorn. It's great for packing around in the diaper bag because it folds into itself really well. I don't like that it picks up dirt pretty well though. You can get that bib at the Babies R' Us store.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Awesome Baby Finds-Target Syringe and Cap

The best thing about this find is that it's free. I'm usually a die-hard Costco fan, but I think I'm converting to Target pharmacy. Target has some nice features that make a huge difference for me. First off they have the best syringes I've found. The other ones with the rubber stopper thing always break after a few uses and before the breakage they become incredibly hard to use. The Target ones wash great in the dishwasher and I haven't had one break yet. The other little thing I love are the bottle inserts that make the bottle only have a small hole at the top so you can turn the bottle upside-down and get the last annoying bit of medicine. Target will give you a bunch of both of these when you pick up your prescription and even if you don't have a prescription to pick up you can just ask them for some and they happily give them to you. I have like ten or more of the syringes and a bunch of the bottle toppers. This way I don't have to wash the syringes every time I get meds, only when I run the dishwasher. And with the bottle toppers I have several over-the-counter meds that are now much easier to use (they put the bottle toppers on your prescription bottles already). I hope you enjoy both of these as much as I have.

Oh and last post's Snack Trap can be found at Toys/Babies R' Us. This is where they're the cheapest and the easiest to acquire. I think I've also decided to put your name in the hat each time you comment. You can only comment once on each post though (I know, you thought you were SO tricky).

Monday, February 11, 2008

Awesome Baby Finds-The Snack Trap

As I'm approaching the birth of this next baby I've been thinking about all of the little things that have made my life a little easier. So I've decided that in the next few posts I will be sharing some cool baby gadgets and why they are so cool. Oh and I've seen others do these give-away things on their blogs so I will be giving one of these awesome finds to a random commenter. So comment away! You just might be the lucky one that gets picked.

One of the best finds is the snack trap. I was almost at wits end with goldfish flying everywhere constantly. We'd be in the car and Genevieve would be bored or hungry or something and she would be whining and crying and I kept thinking what's worse a huge mess or this continued racket. I would finally relent, pass back a Sassy, half-opening cup which would suffice until she decided to shake the heck out of it and goldfish would be everywhere. Ah but how nice those few minutes of peace were. They were almost worth having to clean up the mess. Then I found the snack trap and life was amazing. She can reach her hand into the lid and pull a couple of fish out, but when she tries her violent shaking it all stays inside the cup. Now if your child is very ambitious and strong they could probably get the lid off, but if they can't or don't care about doing that, these are the answer. It's the best $4 something I've spent.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Favorite Sister

This is my super cool, beautiful, fun and smart sister. She has her birthday coming up on the 11th. I'm so lucky to have such a cool woman for my sister. We have such a great time, even though most of the time we just "hang out". We have the best time laughing about who knows what, but somehow it is super funny. She also amazes with me at her intelligence, patience and skill. She is such an amazing nurse. I get fairly woozy just at the sight of blood. I would make a horrible nurse fainting all over the place, but she is just so good at stuff like that. She has such a good head during emergencies and I just sit there staring in terror. She also is so sweet and good with Genevieve. Gen probably asks for her twenty times a day. She has watched Gen for me several times and even a couple of times overnight. She is so good to me! I'm so lucky! I hope you have a great day Allie!!

Oh and if any of you blog readers know someone or someone you know, knows someone who is also single and ready to mingle, it would be cool to set them up with Allie. Somehow I suddenly know very, very few single guys.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Appologies for a Severe Lack of Posts

The following are the top three reasons for the lack of posts:

1. I so deem January the sick month. I don't think I've ever had a month like this or thought that it was possible. But we were sick for almost the entire month of January. It unhappily started somewhere around the 4th of January and Genevieve still has a lingering cough. The first plague lasted a good three or four weeks (see past post). Genevieve went to nursery last week because she was finally well again and lo and behold she was sick again two days later. I thought being sick was lousy when I just had myself to worry about, now I absolutely dread it.

2. Our computer has also taken to freezing at inopportune times. This makes me extremely nervous to try to work on the blog on that computer and since the laptop hasn't really been the picture spot this has also deterred me from posting anything.

3. I am so tired. I seriously don't know what's wrong with me. I really don't remember being this tired with the last pregnancy. Most days I really don't want to do anything but just lounge around. My poor child is lucky she gets fed and changed. I'm so worried for when the baby actually gets here because I can imagine it will only get worse. The really scary thing is that I was feeling quite tired before I got pregnant and I was trying to figure out what was wrong with me then.

Well I've been enjoying all of your posts, so thanks for keeping up on all of your blogs. I hope to get my act together soon.