Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Excitement

So Easter was really great! I'm not a big fan of it landing in March. I like having St. Patrick's to enjoy and then to get to look forward to Easter. But it was great even if it was on March 23rd (thanks First Council of Nicaea). Our Eastering festivities began a week or so before Easter when Genevieve got to go to Popa's work candy hunting fest. Even though she was freezing to death, she loved every minute of it. She insisted on clutching her basket the entire time and dutifully rid every piece of candy from every blade of grass. She got an entire basketful of candy and, of course, wanted to eat it all in one sitting. I could barely pry it from her before her nap. She must have known I would hide it.

Genevieve also loved dying eggs this year. She really got into it and created a gigantic mess. She loved using her hand to dip the eggs and we eventually realized trying to get this to be an organized, methodical, clean process was ludicrous. She ended up looking like she was slowly going to morph into the incredible hulk.

On Easter morning she went out hunting to see what the Easter Bunny had brought and scattered. She loved searching for eggs and was totally excited when she discovered that the plastic ones had candy in them. I think she liked the candy better than the little toys in her basket. Oh well.

We had a really yummy and fun Easter dinner at my parents with a bunch of extended family which was so wonderful. I loved getting to spend time with family and to watch Genevieve relish in the wonder of it all. I think it's amazing and wonderful to think that's part of what the atonement is all about. I'm so glad to get to be with all those I love after we leave this life.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Ok so I was worried that as soon as I wrote about my little slice of heaven it would probably come crashing down. Genevieve has gotten sick once again. How many times can this child get sick this year? Good grief! I feel like I must be doing something terrible as a mother, but then I realized our severe spike in sickness began when nursery began. Now don't get me wrong nursery is absolutely wonderful after you've been dealing with a squirmy and unruly child for the last eight or more unbearable months. It's also great when your socially deprived child can actually have some playtime with kids her own age. I could go on and on about how great nursery can be, but none of these reasons outweigh the absolute torture that I endure when she contracts the latest nursery bug. If anyone out there has manufactured some bubble for a toddler I'd be seriously interested in investing in one. I'm also super tired and frustrated once again. It's so psychologically draining when your child wakes up six or seven times, randomly, throughout the night. I get so frustrated! But I'm also one of those people who can be very patient and understanding with others during the day, but when they are ruining my sleep with their snoring, tossing, talking or whatever I can get quite beastly and quite unlike myself (or so I hope). So if anyone out there has figured out how to get by on minimal sleep, please send your nuggets of knowledge my way.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Must Be in Heaven

So I don't know how this happened, but I've been wishing for it for so long and thought it might be another twenty years before my wish came true. Genevieve has been sleeping in until 8:30 or 9:00 for the last five days. She goes to bed now at 8:30, but before when that would happen she would still wake up at her usual 7:00 or even earlier. I have no idea why she's doing what she is now, but I don't care as long as she keeps doing it. I'm on pins and needles just waiting for this bliss to end. I'm such a terrible morning person and I've been so tired with this pregnancy. This glorious development has made such a difference in my mood and well just about everything. It's wrong how much I need my sleep. And to think in just a short month I'll be more tired than I've ever been. For now I'm not going to think about that and I'm just going to enjoy this happy gift for as long as it decides to remain.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Those Fickle Sippy Cups

Tiff Dewitt commented about wanting some advice on sippy cups. I'm sorry to report that I have not yet found the perfect sippy cup. I wonder all the time, as the next "leak proof" sippy cup I've tried is running down my arm, "How hard can it be, really?" Apparently it's impossible. Ok they're all not that bad, but they all have their faults and actually quite a few do leak. So here is what I've found thus far. Hopefully it will save people out there some money and some grief.

Worst so far: The first years Cars cup (sports drink thing with straw). Genevieve really loves Cars and I couldn't find my usual staple sippy cup, so we decided to give this one a try. Bad idea. Not only was it a little more pricey for the annoying royalties we were getting to pay, but it leaked like crazy. Oh it said it was "spill proof", but of course that doesn't necessarily mean anything. The spilling all over was a low blow, but the cup dealt another punch--the stupid lid that is suppose to collapse the straw would pop right off and in the rare event that it didn't, it would take brute strength to get it to go over the straw so Genevieve could actually get a drink. Consequently, she couldn't really use it by herself.

Pretty bad, but I guess you can deal with it: Nuby silcone spout cup. This one was recommended to me because it has a soft spout which six months olds can usually figure out better than the hard spouts. This was true. Genevieve understood the idea behind these fairly easily. The problem came in that they would still spill. The silicone top would sometimes allow leaks between the seams, especially if Genevieve messed with it much. She also, somehow found ways to make it spill by alternative methods. I got to hating them because I would hand her one, thinking I was safe, and then a few minutes later I'd find her in a corner playing in a puddle that the "leak-proof" sippy cup had allowed to be formed.

Too be honest I don't remember: I also tried this Nuby mini-sports/straw type cup. As I remember it, this one still spilled a tiny bit, Gen didn't really like it and the straw would frequently have issues. Suffice it to say, I didn't love it and I have no idea where it is now.

The staple: Cheap, a classic and heck I had them when I was little cups. I really don't know what they are called and I'm having a tough time finding a picture, but I think you should get a couple packages of these. I think I have like twelve. They are little plastic colored cups that come with a clear plastic lid. You can get a four pack for a dollar or so at Walmart. They wash easily in the dishwasher and for the most part they prevent huge spills. They do allow water to come out when you tip them over, but they don't claim to stop this either. In the beginning Gen didn't know you could turn them over and shake them to get water out. She then figured it out and that got a little annoying until a few months later when we had taught her not to do that. Anyway I'd get these as one option. Your child has to know to tip it up and suck a little.

My favorite sippy so far: The Munchkin insulated sports cup. This one doesn't spill, it hasn't broken on me (I did buy a faulty one though) and Gen can use it. The one thing I don't like about it, is that it doesn't fit in typical cup holders. The other problem I can't find them in stores anymore. Oh they have the silly Dora variety, but really I don't want to pay an extra three or four dollars just because Diego is on the cup. I also think they look ugly with the characters on them. So in some ways I'm on the hunt again. Your kid has to know how to drink from a straw and understand that you don't have to tip this one up.

Well there you have it. Please go ahead and add what you've discovered. I think it would be helpful to explain the pros and cons of your favorite so we can figure out if it would work for us. Maybe together we can make our way through the sea of sippy cups and find the perfect one.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


10 years ago:
I was having the best time of my life. I was a junior in high school and had the coolest friends one could ever hope for. School was so satisfying and I loved my classes and my social life there. Even though my classes were really hard that year I totally loved them (excepting calculus, of course). But even Calculus had it's fun moments when it came to socializing and studying together. By this time I knew Russ and we were having a lot of fun flirting and sitting next to each other in English. Wow what a fun time of life! I totally loved most every moment of it and wish some days that I could go back for just a day.

Snacks I enjoy:
Everything that is bad for me. Mostly anything with dairy: ice cream, cheesecake, cheese, and shakes. I also love Cheetos, gummies, smoothies, berries, handi-snacks, jerky, trail mix. . .the list goes on.

Five things on my to-do list today:
1) Go to Costco

2) Attempt to take a nap

3) Go to the library

4) Watch George's soccer game

5) Make dinner

I'm sure cleaning, scouring and doing other housewife duties should be on there, but let's be honest they hardly ever are and if they are they rarely get done.

Things I would do if I were suddenly made a billionaire:
I would buy a bunch of houses all over the world and then I would travel all over the world with the fam. I would hire a maid and a nanny so I could get some sleep sometimes. Buy a Smart car. Save some, invest some and then give the rest of it to the church.

Three of my bad habits:
1) Over analyzing everything

2) Losing everything and doing stupid things because I'm thinking about anything but what I'm actually doing.

3) Being lazy

Five places I have lived:
1. Provo
2. Springville
3. Orem

I'm supposed to have five? Are you kidding? I'm not that exciting. Maybe someday we'll live somewhere exotic.

Jobs I have had:
I already listed this in a tag before and I'm feeling lazy (see bad habit #3).

Things people don't know about me:
well after that random things about me thing, I'm not sure I have any more, but I'll try to have a moment of mental energy and come up with a few.

!. I've been to Disneyland more than forty times and I always want to go back the very next day. Heck we went on our Honeymoon to Disneyland, so I must really love the place. Besides serving missions with Russ, when we retire I also want to work at Disneyland.

2. I thought that being a mom would be a ton of work, but that I would really love it and it would come pretty easily to me. Instead it is a ton of work and I'm trying hard to learn how to like it. I love Gen; I'm just not sure I love the job.

3. I don't like most things that are chocolate. I don't like brownies, chocolate cake, cupcakes, chocolate ice cream, oreos or anything doused with too much chocolate. I like candy bars that have more than just chocolate in them though.

4. I got me to a nunnery when Russ was on his mission. Ok so it was only for three weeks in Italy and I was just "renting" out a room, but it sort of works, right?

5. I still keep in touch and go out to lunch with one of my favorite teachers from high school.

Ok I'll tag Brittany, Jana and John. I know you're out there John.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our Super Amazing, Super Fun Trip!

So our trip was fantastic! I wish I was still there, but I usually always wish that. I know that most people are glad to get home after a vacation. Not me. All I was excited for was my own bed and for Genevieve to have hers. Now it's back to the boring grind. At least winter is making its exit. I've decided winter has taken a considerable dive in its likability. I used to really enjoy it when I was younger and wondered why lately I don't like it much at all. Then I figured out, it's a kids season. As a kid the weather never cramped my style, it only provided fun. Now the scraping, non-skiing, homebound, freezing temps, sickness coming four times in two months and driving blahs have all become part of the glorious time of year. Plus there isn't all that much going on for adults to enjoy. I'm glad spring is almost here and I get to go watch George play some soccer tomorrow. But I divert from the trip. I won't bore you with the travelogue. I'll just give you a quick run-down. We drove to San Francisco to hang out with Steven, Brittany and Isabel. We had a really fun time seeing the beach, China Town, Costco, the Exploratorium, fine eateries, the temple, Pete Sampras/Tommy Haas match, down town San Fran. and the Macbeth's cool digs. We then drove on to Disneyland where we had such a fun time showing Gen the ropes of Disneyland. I think we've already got her hooked. My secret dream is to live close to Disneyland and have a season pass. Man I LOVE that place. We then drove on and met my fam in Las Vegas. We stayed with my aunt, uncle and cousins in their amazing house and enjoyed In-and-Out and venturing around "the strip". Wow I can't wait until we can get the funds and vacation time to go somewhere again. I am such a trip addict!