Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

She's Here!!

Well I ended up being induced Thursday evening after they found that my amniotic fluid was low. Hannah Eithwen Macbeth was born at 10:33 PM that night. She weighed 8 lbs. 5 oz. and is 20.5" long. She's doing great so far, but aren't they all great in the hospital? I'm doing good too. For the most part it was a great experience. Russ was so amazing. I loved my midwife and my nurse. Maybe I'll share a bit of that later. So I know all you really want is to see some pics, so here they are:

Gen came down with some crazy fever virus the day Hannah was born, so she has yet to be in a pic and hold her sister. But there are the three of us.


My midwife Betty, me and Hannah

Hannah right after she was born

Thursday, April 17, 2008

No, I Have NOT Had the Baby! ;)

Well just so I can save myself from yet another query about whether or not the baby has arrived, I'll let you know now that she has not made it. Even though she is inside of me, I'm afraid I'm not privy to her intentions and I have no idea, no matter what I may be dilated to or what I may be feeling or may not be feeling. So please save me the psychological anguish of having yet someone else ask if "I'm still around". I'm still not sure what that means anyway. Am I supposed to be dying/disappearing after the baby is born? No, really, I know everyone means the best by calling/inquiring and they are just curious (and I know curious), but I do enjoy getting to rant about something so thanks for allowing me the privilege. And if you do call me, I'll be sure to return the favor ;).

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Eternal Lot in Life?

Ok, ok I know you're probably getting tired of reading posts about how Genevieve is sick over and over and over. Well then maybe you have a little hint of how INCREDIBLY tired I am of having her be sick. So yeah she's supposedly sick again. Instead of giving you all of the gory details, I'll just share with you why I sometimes hate the doctor's office. So she has this dry cough and it was keeping her from sleeping at all so after trying everything, and I mean everything, I decide to give the nurse a call to see if there is anything they can prescribe for her. Since this is the
second time she's ended up with a dry, cough until you vomit cough, we've tried this tussin D crap twice already. Sadly, she throws up as soon as it hits her tongue. So I'm calling wondering if they can prescribe her something, anything, that will get her to stop coughing without throwing everything up. After I give her the whole schpiel and asking if they can just prescribe me something new, she tells me that I'm going to have to come in again. I don't want to come in. She's not that sick and I constantly feel like a retard when I bring her in because most of the time they can't do anything. So I plunk down my lovely co-pay, get told it's a virus and a bunch of home remedies and I get sent home wondering why I bother. But she assures me there will be something else they can prescribe her. I'm at my wits end and Gen is too, so I get an appointment.

Why is it that kids can be completely inconsolable at home, coughing like they'll never quit and then you take them to the doctor and you walk through the doors and they act completely healthy? This was Gen yesterday. No exaggeration. But really in all of my exhaution it was just another nail in the coffin. I was sure every nurse, office personel and doctor was sure I was mental.

So it takes forever and I'm trying to keep Genevieve from touching any child or object on the doomed "sick side" when finally they call me back to take another lifetime to finally see the "PA". Once inside the room I get to tell the whole story all over to the triage nurse. I explain that she's been really unhappy and that she's been sleeping terribly and had this or that symptom. I'm not kidding, the next words out of her mouth are, "Has she had trouble sleeping? How's her appetite? Has she been coughing? Has she been more irritable than normal?" I want to respond with "You've got to be kidding! Did you just hear anything I've said?", but instead I just say yes, yes and yes again. Then when the PA comes in she asks the same questions the nurse just recorded in her little tablet. Do they talk? Am I being interrogated? What is the point of me telling the same thing to three different people? Well she checks her through and finds out she has an ear infection. This was a total surprise since she really hasn't had any congestion and really all it's been is a cough. I begin wondering if they are just telling me this so I can feel ok about coming in. When at the end I explain that they major problem is that she can't sleep because every time she does she's hit with a crazy coughing spell and go through the medicine problem, after her checking things through about medication, she discovers that there is nothing we can give her. Didn't the nurse on the phone "assure" me there were lots of different things they could prescribe? At this point I'm about to cry for the first time ever in a doctor's office. Somehow I gain control and say "I've tried everything" to which she replies "I"m sure you have." I guess this is just preparing you for the lack of sleep when the baby gets here." Are you the devil? Who says something like that? I was seriously expecting some fiendish laughter to follow. So I leave thinking I've got myself some antibiotics which are going to give Gen lovely diarrhea and she's still going to be coughing her guts out until this blows over. Once again, all hail the lovely "doctor's" office.