Friday, May 30, 2008

Fecal Warpaint

Well the title says it all. . .my child just dolled herself up with some poop. Oh Genevieve. . .I thought it was strange when I heard about kids who would just take off their diaper and manhandle their poop. I mean I never did that. Did I mom? But no, my kid doesn't just use it for play dough, she moves right on to smearing it all over her face, stomach, shirt, skirt, pillow and I really don't want to know what else. You should have seen my face when I walked in and realized that she hadn't just decided to poop to try to get out of her nap, no she had done some decorating with it as well. I still wonder if I should have strung her up by her toenails so she'd get the message of just how wrong that was, instead I was in a panic, disgusted, ready to puke and trying to figure out how to get her and everything else clean without making everything else dirty as well. I didn't even get much out besides "No", "That was naughty" and "That was Disgusting". Russ if you're out there, come home and save me quick. To the rest of you out there, if you're looking to keep something or someone as far away as possible, might I recommend a new make-up artist who is all the range and is accepting a select few, wealthy clients.

P.S. Sorry no picture. I actually thought about it, but then I decided that might just encourage the behavior in the future. I'm sure it would have made you all vomit. Too bad.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Genevieve is TWO!

Woah! So Genevieve turned two this past Thursday. It's crazy to me to look at her and realize how big she is getting and how much she's learned. We were looking at home videos the other day and I was completely stunned by how much she had changed in just two months, much less a year or two! I think I realize this even more with having Hannah. Let's just say Genevieve's bottom looked huge after changing a bunch of Hannah's diapers.

Genevieve is finally talking up a storm. I unfortunately don't understand everything she says (which is both a frustration to her and me), but she's really taken off with speaking. She'll finally even repeat a word after I ask her to say it. It's so much fun. I can't wait until she talks tons and I can understand everything she says. Our favorite word she says is pickle. It sounds like she's gargling or something. It's hilarious. Consequently, because we think it's so funny, she will rarely say it if we ask her to. She absolutely loves the water (but that's nothing new), playmobil, running and screaming, dancing, climbing on everything (yuck), fruit, being outside and being extremely independent.

She had a very fun birthday. We went for a walk with Tiff and Logan, opened presents throughout the day, played and got candy with Uncle George, Aunt Allie, Popa and Grams, Russ came home for half the day, Gen wouldn't take take a nap although we let her try for an hour and a half,we went bowling (which she's still asking to go do daily) had grandma and grandpa, Popa and Grams over for cake and ice cream and more present opening. She loved being sung to, was absolutely obsessed with blowing out the candles (she asked to do it constantly. It was a very trying 24 hours until she actually could) and after the presents were over she would occasionally ask for more presents.

Here are some pictures from the exciting day.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An Update

The house is a mess and I'm almost as much of a mess. We are swimming in diapers, tiredness and mess, but I'm hoping that that is what is to be expected at this point. So I have no idea why on earth I'm blogging, but here I sit. Perhaps I hope it will clean-up the mess that is in my head.

Amongst the tiredness there is a lot of sweetness. It's so calming and there is so much joy holding Hannah. She is such a sweet baby. I love to sit and stare at her and wonder what she's going to be like when she's come into herself and what she'll decide to do with this life. I love to watch Genevieve caress her head and give her hugs.

I'm amazed at how easy it is and how wonderfully calming it is to take care of a non-colicky baby. I often wonder what it would have been like if Genevieve had been like this as an infant. Wow it would have been SO much simpler. However, Hannah is by no means a baby who can just be left to herself. She loves to be held and I'm working at relishing the opportunity. I'm just excited that I can do something that makes her perfectly content and happy.

I'm longing for the night when she decides to sleep right through it and at the same time I realize that will mean I'll be giving up some of the pleasures and newness that come with an infant. That's the problem. A new stage leaves behind unpleasantness as well as some of the joys. If only there were just wonderful things and they could just stay.

Well until I decide in my sleepy stupor to forgo sleep in favor of madness, I'm afraid that this is it for now.

Hannah Leaving the Hospital

Genevieve and Russ at George's Soccer Game