Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stephanie and Her Family

I've been so saddened and consumed with what happened to Stephanie and her family, but I've also been so enriched by all the good that seems to be coming from such a horrible tragedy. I always knew Stephanie and all of the Clarks were amazing, but now it is becoming even more evident. I hope that if something like this happened to me or my family I would be able to be as positive, charitable and wonderful as they are. I just wanted to say that I'm putting up one of those donating buttons on my blog and I wish I had some sort of crafty talent or had some cool hook-ups to auction off. I suppose I'll just have to donate myself. So I'm adding my prayers and thoughts to Nie Nie day.

The Balloon Launch

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey My Peeps!

Thanks for putting up with having to sign in to see the blog. I'm planning on doing a quick recap of what's been going on with us this summer, but I'll do that in another post.

Hannah's First Feeding

One Word: Awesome!

I've never seen a baby smile and laugh when she took her first bites of real food, but that's what Hannah did. Should we be concerned that she's destined for sumo sized proportions? Nope, I just think she's that way with most things. . .extremely happy and sweet.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've Finally Given In

After debating with myself ever since I started the blog over whether or not to have it be private, I'm doing it. We're goin' private. I really hate doing this because I actually like the idea that people I don't even know might be reading my blog, I just worry about scary people reading it and then ending up dead or my children stolen or something horrid. So anyhow just leave your e-mail in the comment section so I can add you to a list of who can view. Anyone and everyone is welcome just as long as I know you're not scary. I'll be changing it in two weeks.