Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Joshua Radin's latest CD came out today and boy is it ever good. I fell in love with the first CD and I think I'm close to driving Russ nuts with how I keep playing it over and over. I guess he can be happy that there is something new too. If you haven't heard him--jump over to www.joshuaradin.com You're going to love me forever.

Blessing Pics

A few Sundays ago Hannah was blessed. It was so nice to have family and friends come to support us. The blessing was beautiful, the weather was gorgeous and Hannah was lovely. We really had a wonderful day.

This was one of the best family shots we could get. Genevieve is making photos EXTREMELY difficult these days. *sigh*

Monday, September 22, 2008

What Happens?!

One of my favorite things about kids is that they genuinely love themselves. Today I was watching Genevieve dance and admire herself in front of our full length mirror. She looked so pleased with what she found. She kept pointing and holding out different parts of herself or outfit and would breathe out "pretty". She was so happy. I contrast that to myself. When I dare look in the mirror I immediately pick out all of the things that are wrong with me. Genevieve seems to not even know that there could be anything amiss with her appearance or attire. She only notices the good. The more I look at myself the more depressed I get and so the quicker I'm about my business and the less time I spend looking at myself. She seems to keep finding more and more which delights and her smile just keeps growing the longer she looks.

What happens? Something does and I'm sad to realize that something will with Gen. Those horrid puberty years. I'll just plan on being around when she looks in the mirror then and I'll remind her that she's still as wonderful and beautiful as she is now. I'm glad that right now she's around to tell me that I'm "pretty" and a "princess" too. Heaven knows I need it and she likely will too.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I used to think my mom was slightly crazy when she'd get up to go birding at 7AM on a Saturday. What a difference a few years and two kids makes. I now totally understand. It was pure bliss to go walking around the dike with Mr. Webb and once again let my brain get back to work. Morning, exercise and learning never felt or looked so good.

*Thanks Mark Hedengren for the picture. I'm clear in the back with the binocs up.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lactation Nazis, I mean specialists. . .

Ok so I know they are providing a service mostly free of charge and out of the goodness of their hearts, but they're also mostly crazy. I'll spare you the boring details and I'll just give you the essentials. Hannah has been fussy with her later in the day feedings for about a month. I'm reaching my limit and I need to find a solution. Today I call the "Nazi", I mean "Specialist", and they're busy, so I leave a message. I need answers so I decide to give the pediatrician nurse a call. She thinks it could be milk supply, but thinks I should come in to rule out an ear infection. I load the girls up and we go hang out with the doctor. (I swear with how often I frequent that place we should be going through "so what have you been up to this week?"). Of course it takes forever and so of course it's a complete nightmare and of course there is no ear infection. So the doctor says that low milk supply can happen around 4-6 months and gives me some instructions on an herbal supplement and also tells me that supplementing isn't the worst thing in the world.

I get home and the Miss Lactation calls me back. So I tell her the same story I tell the doctor and she tells me it might be because Hannah is allergic to milk and so I need to stay off all dairy for two weeks. Hello! I am the queen of dairy! All I usually ever drink is milk or water. Cheese is my most favorite of foods. I can't do two weeks. I swear people just throw around this idea when they've got nothing left. After we tried everything to alleviate Genevieve's colic, one of the last things we tried was this no milk thing. Let's just say it didn't work and she ended up not breastfeeding at six months.

So back to the consultant. I try to explain to her that I really think it's milk supply and does she have any ideas for how to increase it and she says staying off milk is what she'd recommend. What?! Did you just hear any thing I just said. Did you listen to any of the details I was mentioning? I keep giving her all of these reasons for why it's likely not an allergy. She doesn't spit up. She's not fussy at any other time. There are no rashes, no other signs of discomfort etc. Well she's stuck on this. Just like they're all stuck on being totally anti-bottle, anti-pacifier. Every time I call them it's some crazy theory that never works and always ends up causing both baby and me unneeded stress and work.

So I guess I'll be trying the supplement. But before I do any advice for me? I'll promise not to call you a Nazi.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Summer Stuff

We've had a good summer, minus being sick most of the time. We've played with family and with each other. We've been swimming, hiking, eating, zooing, museuming, gardening and all sorts of fun things. And Carly's BACK!!! What could be better?! Here are some pics.