Monday, December 15, 2008

Unhealthy Relationship?

Help! I think I'm in one of those unhealthy relationships. You know the ones where the couples are infatuated with each other one moment and clawing out each other's eyes the next? They break up constantly and they make-up like they just fell in love. One minute Genevieve is screaming and wailing at me because I'm actually making her wear a jacket and the next minute she's telling me that she loves me over and over again.I'm ready to pack up and leave her to fend for herself one moment, and the next moment thinking, "how on earth did I get such a cute, sweet little thing". I love her so much I could be happy forever. But then a few hours later she's screaming at me again and this time I have no idea why, but man is she mad. Whatever I did must have been awful because I swear she hates me and is screaming "I NEED daddy". Well gosh darn it. I need him too! In fact the crazy lady down the street can have you for all I care. And then awhile later we're cuddling and she's making me laugh and she's laughing because of something silly she's doing with her face and again I'm besotted.

So as this comparison is coming to me I'm sighing and lamenting and thinking maybe something is wrong with us. Then I remember she's two and I'm crazy.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Stupid Slideshow

Well after a myriad of different tries I'm settling for this. If any of you know how to take your slide show done in iphoto and then made into a quicktime video and then put it on your blog, e-mail me. I tried just the little video icon thing like a million times, now I've tried uploading it to google video. My final result is a blurry, no music mess. Oh well. Here it is in all its glory.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Boo, Hiss, Hiss, BOO!

That's what I have to say to blogger or my computer or both. I've been trying to upload my slideshow video for three days and I officially give up for now. It disgusts me how much time I've spent trying to do something that should be so simple. So I'm back from vacation and back to posting. Until the slideshow decides to be nice, here's a couple of pictures.