Saturday, January 31, 2009

Need a Laugh? A REALLY good laugh?

You've got to read this book. Eats Poops and Leaves. Wow is it ever funny. If you have kids, you like to laugh and you like to laugh about the funny things that happen with raising kids, this book is awesome.

Here is an excerpt. . .

Passing The Poop

" The key to passing the poop is coming up with a plausible reason for handing off the baby. Obvious techniques include, "could you hold her for a sec? I have to use the restroom," and "I just need to make a quick call," but these methods are too easily seen through. Any experienced spouse would execute a cautionary smell-check before accepting such a dubious handoff.
A more sophisticated hand-off technique is that of the seemingly kind offer. If you say , for instance, "would you like me to get you some cake?" your spouse is likely to be touched by the gesture and happily agree to hold the baby while you retrieve the promised dessert. By the time they sniff out your ruse, you will be long gone."

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nana Knows of What She Speaks

My Nana has always been known and teased (affectionately) for her nightly bathtub ritual. Whenever we would go on a trip together, she would either investigate as to whether our accommodations had a bathtub or someone would tease her about how she was going to live without one for a few days. I've always liked taking tubs and showers. My mother would always decry my exceptionally long showers I often took at home and I've constantly informed Russ that someday I want a really cool, really huge bathroom. We may live in a shack, but the bathroom is going to be amazing. The tub above looks pretty good to me. I'll have to show it to him. Even with my love of the bathroom, I didn't see the complete genius of my Nana until a few nights ago. It had been another one of those days (they seem to happen often for me) and I really needed to de-stress. On a whim I decided that I was cold and a tub and shower sounded nice. I don't usually do the tub/shower thing at night because I have this real problem of doing my hair the next day (let's just say a coat hanger and a light socket probably wouldn't make it look worse). But that night I didn't care. It sounded good and I was going to do it. Wow what complete bliss. I was finally able to be alone and have a few minutes to sort this crazy mind and world of mine out. I don't know if Nana started the ritual before she had kids or after (I kind of think it was probably the latter), but she's definitely on to something. So I'm all ready to adopt the practice if I can just figure out what to do with the hair (and I'm not really into showering/bathing twice in one day, because I become a scaly beast).

Monday, January 26, 2009

We Need to Get Out More

We need to get out more, we really do. Until recently we hadn't actually been on very many dates. Sometimes we'd get away for something really special and we'd twist a family members arm enough that someone would come watch after the girl(s) were asleep. We finally broke into the world of a baby sitter a few months ago. It was hard and I didn't know how to go about it. I mean I'd done the babysitting thing, but that was a long time ago. I didn't know who to call, how much to pay and I was admittedly a bit afraid to trust the girls with anyone except family. But we needed to get out. We needed to have us time and we need to feel like the hot, young couple we are (ha ha!). Plus I just need a major break more often than every four months. So we've tried it a few times, but I'm still unsure. For those of you who said you usually use a babysitter, or those of you who have any suggestions, could you tell me how much you pay an hour and any other really good tips about babysitters? I know this is going to help me a ton and hopefully it will help all of you out there who don't really get babysitters either.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Bottom and the Top

The Ten Best Things about Being a Mom

10. Giving birth
9. Feeding baby
8. Having snacks during sacrament meeting
7. Being yourself and being loved for it
6. Saying stupid things, being weird, singing, dancing and no matter what you do (at least for now) the kids think I'm the best at them.
5. Enjoying kid things all over again and it's possibly better the second time around.
4. Snuggling on the couch or in bed.
3. Having conversations that are honest and hilarious. (My child can finally talk to me!)
2. Getting a plethora of kisses and hugs everyday.
1. Hearing "I lub you mom." at least twenty times a day. She acts like she really means it too. I hope Hannah is as affectionate.

The Ten Worst Things about Being a Mom

10. Finding it horribly difficult to remember who I am besides the whole mom thing.
9. Having very little to absolutely no social life.
8. Trying to maintain a schedule to keep the kids happy, but something (usually the kids) seems to mess that up.
7. Having to learn to plan and then not care when those plans are absolutely decimated once again.
6. Cleaning up vomit, poop, pee, food, blood, mud, snow and every other disgusting and annoying thing several times a day.
5. Nothing is ever clean. Nothing is ever done for good. And somehow I'm supposed to learn how to like or at least accept that.
4. The constant temptation to compare yourself to every other mother out there. And they always seem more patient, more crafty, more Martha, more happy and better at everything.
3. Once you think you have it figured out something changes and it completely flips your world upside-down again. And no one is there to give me an "A" or tell me a bunch a times a day how good I'm doing and how much I'm accomplishing.
2. Feeling tired every single day. I swear I will never feel well-rested again. Also feeling an enormous sense of responsibilty and worry that seemed to descend the moment Genevieve was born.
1. The crying, whining and screaming (oh the crying!) I'd give a lot of money if I never heard any of it ever again and we could always just talk it out.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas Pictures

So it only takes me like a month to finally post some pictures of Christmas. Here are some of mine and of course some from my mom.

Christmas at Mom and Dad's

Christmas Eve at Nana's and Popa's

Perry Christmas Party

*I can't get the rest to work, so more later. . .

Apparently some of you know something I don't. . .

So there were quite a few of you who go six weeks or more between your kids being sick. I remember those days, before Genevieve was 18 months, she would go months between illness. Until 18 months she hadn't had a cough and she hadn't thrown-up. She hadn't really had anything all that serious except for an ear infection. I have no idea what happened. But I'm SO anxious to hear your secrets. You are obviously doing the right things. I'm turning the comments on, so comment away.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Watch Out! We Might Start Looking Like This

So kids are supposed to have between 7-10 colds in a year. If this is true I guess Hannah will be turning five in April. It seems that no matter how hard I try, once we get over the last plague, we're right on to the next. And this seriously didn't let up in the summer (thanks nursery). All of us here don't do too well with the girls being sick. They are really crabby, don't sleep well and it seems to put a kink into everything. Consequently Russ and I miss out on sleep, we get crabby (I get really cranky) and we get holed up inside, which makes me and the girls all the more stir crazy. I just heard a program on NPR that about fifty percent of the viruses that cause colds, actually thrive in alcohol. Awesome, now one of my weapons, hand-sanitizers, are less effective. They also said that generally the flu virus is mostly spread through the air. I must be losing my mind because I seriously contemplated wearing a mask, tried to think how I might convince Genevieve to wear one too and brainstormed ways to duct tape one onto Hannah. Ok maybe that's going a little far, but not much. So before we all start looking like the bird flu is in town if you have any suggestions, send me an e-mail. Also, answer my survey I just put up.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Lows after the Highs

I was just surfing the internet. I'm now writing to avoid doing anything that might be regarded as work. It's the worst Monday of the year. The holidays are over and I'm depressed. Christmas was just too good. There was way too many fun things and people to see and now I've got housework, diapers and crabby children to look forward too. I've got to come up with something to look forward to. Any suggestions?

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Yesterday in a wave of excitement I found some $1.00 Dutch CTR rings. Genevieve is really into a lot of girly things (I have no idea where that came from) and so I thought she'd be super excited. Well she was. I told her I got her a little present from the store. She anxiously watched me pull it out. When she saw it, she yelped with excited and put it right on her finger. I then proceeded to tell her what it meant and then Russ told her what the letters stood for in Dutch. As soon as he finished, in dramatic style, she flung the ring from her finger, flopped herself on the couch and groaned. Apparently she doesn't like that idea. I just burst out laughing. I know, horrible, but it was just too funny. Should we be worried?