Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Bottom and the Top

The Ten Best Things about Being a Mom

10. Giving birth
9. Feeding baby
8. Having snacks during sacrament meeting
7. Being yourself and being loved for it
6. Saying stupid things, being weird, singing, dancing and no matter what you do (at least for now) the kids think I'm the best at them.
5. Enjoying kid things all over again and it's possibly better the second time around.
4. Snuggling on the couch or in bed.
3. Having conversations that are honest and hilarious. (My child can finally talk to me!)
2. Getting a plethora of kisses and hugs everyday.
1. Hearing "I lub you mom." at least twenty times a day. She acts like she really means it too. I hope Hannah is as affectionate.

The Ten Worst Things about Being a Mom

10. Finding it horribly difficult to remember who I am besides the whole mom thing.
9. Having very little to absolutely no social life.
8. Trying to maintain a schedule to keep the kids happy, but something (usually the kids) seems to mess that up.
7. Having to learn to plan and then not care when those plans are absolutely decimated once again.
6. Cleaning up vomit, poop, pee, food, blood, mud, snow and every other disgusting and annoying thing several times a day.
5. Nothing is ever clean. Nothing is ever done for good. And somehow I'm supposed to learn how to like or at least accept that.
4. The constant temptation to compare yourself to every other mother out there. And they always seem more patient, more crafty, more Martha, more happy and better at everything.
3. Once you think you have it figured out something changes and it completely flips your world upside-down again. And no one is there to give me an "A" or tell me a bunch a times a day how good I'm doing and how much I'm accomplishing.
2. Feeling tired every single day. I swear I will never feel well-rested again. Also feeling an enormous sense of responsibilty and worry that seemed to descend the moment Genevieve was born.
1. The crying, whining and screaming (oh the crying!) I'd give a lot of money if I never heard any of it ever again and we could always just talk it out.


Megs said...

Yay! Comments are back. I feel the same way except that Maggie isn't completely conversational yet. I think that's one of my hardest things is comparing how smart other people's kids are compared to mine. Gen knows all of her colors and she talks so good. Logan can sing primary songs! Every time I sing Maggie covers my mouth and yells "NO SING! STOP!" I feel like I should know how to teach Maggie things since I was a teacher and all... but no. All I teach her is that DVDs can be started over again. I'm such a horrible person. :-)

The Duckwitz's said...

Wow! I understand....totally understand. ALL of it!

Macbeth Bunch said...

Genevieve used to yell and me to stop singing too. I used to feel horrible. I thought "is my singing that bad?" She's just barely started to like singing, but she is the boss. She tells me what to sing and she still tells me to stop singing. Maggie is also younger than Gen and of course every kid is so different.

Angie Lewis said...

Vhari, you pretty much summed up EVERY mother's life perfectly! I totally agree with you. It's amazing that being a mother can be so trying and demanding, yet we all know that we wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

Jonny and Sarah said...

Girl, you've summed up my life PERFECTLY! I'm so glad that I'm not alone... It's so true, though. I wouldn't trade being a mom for ANYTHING. It's the greatest gift.

Tiffany said...

Ya- I hear ya Vhar. For one- like Megs said- I was in shock of how well Logan can sing! You just have to tell yourself not to compare--right?! (and Tiff, if you're reading this- good job!!) I'm glad your comments are back on. :)

Julie Jardine said...

Amen to the above comments, and to your blog entry! I also have had to accept the fact that nothing will ever remain clean for more than two seconds around here. And everytime I forget that fact, and find myself getting overwhelmed by the mess...I have to remember it again, calm down, and realize that this time in life will be only but a small moment, and I need to appreciate it for what it is. Keep up the good work. Know that you are not alone in the way you feel! And that you are a GREAT mom! And everyone else's house is a mess too! :)

Sarah said...

Did you really put 'giving birth' on the top ten list? You are a crazy person!

Macbeth Bunch said...

I know. Weird about the giving birth thing, but it really was an amazing experience with Hannah. It was painful there at the end, but so cool. Maybe I don't remember how hard it is, that whole forgetting thing.