Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentine's Photo Shoot

Before sledding, the girls were subjected to torture as I tried to get some pictures. Here is a sampling.

Monday, February 16, 2009

He Did It!

I'm so proud of my "little" brother--he got into BYU! I can't believe how old he is and how fast he's growing up. I swear I was just at BYU yesterday. It can't have been almost ten year since I was a freshman. Good grief I'm old. Congrats George! I love you!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Stylist

Ok so I'm horribly retarded when it comes to anything about fashion and beauty. I seriously don't know much of anything. I've been thinking for a long while how I need a stylist. I need someone who can fix me. Someone who can tell me how to cut, color and do my hair and either do it for me or teach me how to do it. I need someone to shop for me. Someone who knows what looks good on me and where to go and buy it. I also need someone who can do all of the finishing touches like make-up, accessories and whatever else needs fixing. Well I think I've found her. . .Genevieve. I have no idea how someone like me (clueless and could mostly care less about the above) could end up with a child like Gen. She loves wearing dresses (for awhile she WOULD NOT wear pants), dressing up dolls, princesses, sparkles, high heels, purses, looking at herself in the mirror, doing my hair, doing families hair, make-up etc.

A few months ago I was putting some mascara on and she was standing with rapt attention watching each stroke I made. For someone who has an extremely limited attention span, this is a seemingly impossible feat. After I finished she begged me to let her put some on. I told her she could in twelve years. And of course a meltdown ensued. I'm looking at her in frustration and complete disbelief thinking isn't this the sort of argument we're supposed be having ten years from now?

My favorite thing about all of this, is the compliments she doles out. She'll see me put on something she thinks is lovely and she'll tell me "That's really cute." or she'll watch me put on my make-up and then she'll grab my face in her hands and just stare at me and then tell me how beautiful and sparkly my eyes are. I wish I had a picture of the appraising look she'll give me, when I ask her if something looks alright-she'll stand there, hands on hips, eyes squinting and her mouth tweaked to one side and give me the most honest, seemingly thought-out opinion one could hope for. It's absolutely hilarious. The picture above is the closest I have. I'm not sure I should be trusting a two year old, but for now it's likely better than my opinion, but if you know where I can get some help, until Gen grows up a bit, let me know.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I Know. I Wasn't Sure I Believed it Either

So while I'm recommending books I thought I'd share this one. I've decided that mostly any sort of parenting book is sort of evil and when you get done reading it, you feel like a terrible parent and there is so much you aren't doing, so I don't typically enjoy them. But there are times when you need to consult them. Like when your child decorates herself with her own poop (see blog round abouts May). After that lovely incident I figured it was definitely time to say bye bye to the diapers. So I got this book and did exactly what it said and it worked. Sure there were accidents, but she was seriously potty trained by the time dinner rolled around. Trust me we're both nothing unusual, so I'm sure if you and your kiddo are ready you'll be able to have the same kind of success. It's very intensive though, you are devoted to potty training all day and there is no going back to diapers, we didn't even do pull-ups. Consequently, no diapers ever again can be a little intimidating. Oh and you've got to get a plastic fitted sheet. We did the waterproof mattress pad and that thing was a sieve. So go with the plastic sheet, it's actually cheaper too.