Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just Plain Creepy

I find the baby doll aisle completely terrifying. Russ came home early one day to spell me off before we all melted down completely. I went on a mad hunt to find some of those tupperware sipper seal cups. I used to get them at yucky Wal-Mart (almost the only thing that would induce me to set foot in the nasty place), but alas they of course don't have them anymore. So I set off for store hopping that is absolutely bone wearing, madness with the girls. As I was perusing one of the millions of stores I scoured, reveling in walking down the toy aisle without the wails of children, I was bombarded by twenty or so creepy babies turning their heads and making crying and weird noises at me. Oh the horror! That just shouldn't happen. It's creepy, disturbing and annoying. I'm really not sure what child and especially what parent would want one.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


So really from the beginning this blog was more about me and what I was thinking than it was an accounting of just what the fam was up to. So in order to finally reflect the truth, I'm changing the title. Hopefully I can eventually come up with something better than just "Vhari's Blog", but until then. Oh well.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Ten Day Tour

"Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a of a fateful trip." Well there was no Skipper, Gilligan, Marian, Ginger or Howells (well except from the children) and we didn't shipwreck, although at times I wondered how the trip could get any worse, but we definitely had an adventure.

A cruise from LA down the Mexican Rivera sounded awesome. I've done one cruise and I loved it. The food was fabulous, the ship was lavish and the company was first-rate. So when I saw a cruises for super-cheap from LA, we had miles points to use, an annual pass to Disneyland and both Hannah and Genevieve would be free on Norwegian (a ship-line I would definitely NOT recommend, but that is another blog entry), I thought it was a match made in heaven. It wasn't.

To make this little tale on the short and sweet side, suffice it to say a baby and a toddler who doesn't like the kids club, mixed with mediocre food, early bedtimes, naptimes, sleep-disturbed nights, grouchy/clingy children, a ton of stuff (two car seats, a pack and play, double stroller, back pack, two large suitcases, two medium suitcases, a purse and a messenger bag), aching shoulders backs and necks, screaming children during nice meals and trying to find each other after nap-time made for a very intensive and not-so-great "vacation".

The good things were I got the best massage I've had in my entire life, swing dancing with Russ in Disneyland, I got to go running in the gym once, I got to read a lot, I went to bed early, I went to two beaches and got to swim in the ocean, I purchased some cute sandals, no one got sick on the boat and we had fantastic weather.

After the cruise we spent a couple of days at Disneyland, which was fantastic. When we got there we just kept saying "why didn't we just do this?" But then Hannah brought a nice little stomach bug off the boat and we lived on pins and needles wondering when she was going to throw-up and who was next. The plane ride was the final straw, after a major blow-out Hannah proceeded, a half hour later, to puke all over me, Russ, herself, the backpack and the floor. It was horribly embarrassing and absolutely disgusting.

Here are a few pictures that show some of the highlights (unfortunately or maybe fortunately little screaming, throw-up or any of the real excitement shows up in the pictures).

Genevieve's favorite thing to do--run away. She was really clingy and couldn't let us out of her sight unless SHE felt like it. Oh joy!

Hannah's favorite thing to do-- eat sand. I wasn't a fan, but there was really no point in battling over it. We tried to keep the binki in, but when that failed-enter colon cleanser and sandy poop. I hated when strangers would make comments about her sand eating. I felt like a bad mom, but then I tried to realize they either didn't have kids or had a nanny.


Our one family photo

The Sleeping Arrangements

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