Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm not sure we're going to make it through the day alive. Hannah is teething or has some parasite that is biting, poking and pinching her day and night. She is incredibly fussy. I'm holding her until my arms fall off and getting food, toys and other things I hand to her to soothe her, thrown back at my face. She's sleeping a half hour or so for her naps--kills me. In our sad state we head out to Costco. I look like crap--no makeup, sunglasses permanently on and my fried brain trying to remember what I'm looking for as I walk down an aisle. I pull in a bucket of Greek Pasta that's on sale thinking, I've always wanted try it, I'm way past wanting to make dinner and hey it's on sale, so why not? But I'm still wondering if it's too much money and if I'm a failure coping out as I'm telling Genevieve for the 100th time to sit down, stop stacking the stuff. In my haze, to my utter horror I watch Genevieve launch the Greek pasta to the concrete floor. First thought-run! No one saw you, just run! Next thought-clean it up, throw it away, then run! Next thought-clean it up, pay for it, then get rid of it. All the while being absolutely devastated that the food, money, pride are sprawled all over the dirty Costco floor. I was about ready to leave the bucket of tears mounting their too. The whole time she's saying how sorry she is and I'm just looking at her too exhausted to figure out how I'm supposed to respond. I then forget the rest of the list and head straight for the check-out. We have got to get out of here. Then I look how grubby Hannah looks after she's wailed and spilled the samples all over her clothes and face. How on Earth did I think that coming to Costco was going to be better than the screaming safety of home? A stranger is looking at Hannah and I'm dying inside as I realize how dirty she looks. She then graciously says how cute she is and how she'd like to take her home. I laugh and say "sounds good to me." She then says nothing and there is this awkward silence of "did she really just say that? What mom says that?" moment and I'm really wishing I could teleport home right now. Now we're home and I'm letting them tear the house apart as I try to dump on here.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Someday my Prince Will Come. . .

Apparently Genevieve's is already here. She's really into marriage. She tells Russ that he needs to get me flowers and then we need to get married in the temple. She's also into prince and princesses. She tells Carly and Allie that their princes are Prince Eric and Philip, respectively. When I ask her who her prince is, without a pause, she casually says "Logan". Well I guess it was Genevieve's perfect play-date a week or so ago. Tiff and I are chatting, when I notice Gen then go inside, come out and the next time I look over, she's sprawled out on the deck, with a bitten apple at her side. She then is telling Logan that she's died and she needs him to wake her up. When this doesn't work she runs into her bed. We follow, wondering what on earth is happening. With squinty eyes she says she needs Logan to wake her up. Logan proceeds to take the covers off and shake Genevieve. Looking a little disgruntled, Genevieve says, "No, you have to kiss me." So Logan, being the gentleman he is, gives her a kiss." The princess wakes up, and they go back to playing in the sandbox. The above picture is Gen as the purple princess, Logan as prince chicken and Hannah as the pumpkin.

Genevieve is Three

Holy cow! I can't believe it's been three years since she was born. In some ways it feels like forever, like it was never just Russ and I and at other times I look at her and can't believe how old she is. We had such a fun time celebrating her birthday. She really got the whole birthday thing this year an wow was it awesome. She has talked about having a mermaid theme for a few months now, so I tried to deliver. We partied all day and night with family. She loved her presents and wouldn't even stop for cake. Russ even got to come home early to play and bowl. Here are some pictures.

Gen gets a princess scooter

Allie, Gen and the Princess Carriage. Allie TOTALLY spoils Gen. Gen is so lucky.

Bowling Mermaid

Birthday Dinner at Noodles and Company-Mac and Cheese-Gen's choice

The Cake

Hannah is Walking

She's finally walking! I say finally, because she's looked like she's been about to walk for a couple of months now and would always purposefully NOT walk whenever we'd try to get her to. She'd laugh and plop her little bum firmly on the ground. She's lovin' life and I'm loving the cleaner knees and lack of vacuuming from Hannah.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Check-out Conspiracy

I continually curse the genius that decided to place the irresistible, ever-enticing toys, snacks and various goodies in the check-out line. Seirously, I swear some executive was rubbing is greedy little hands together, cackling as he hatched the money making plan. I swear it had to be a he, because if it was a she with children, even if it would have made millions, she would have never done it to us.

The whole thing is so cruel. We've just made it through the last ten minutes of pure madness waiting just to get within the walls of temptation. The kids and I are already at our limit, then we have to enter the real test as tired, bored and desiring hands reach for everything in sight. It's all I can do to stay calm and keep them from man-handling every twinkie, yo-yo ball and mini-packaged play-do. During this, I need to make nice with the checker, put everything on the moving belt, and pay for it all. Then I have to listen to the wails as once again we have to put everything back and not buy. I swear that besides not wanting my kids to become more greedy, part of the reason I never let them get anything, is just to show that maniacal man, up in his plush office, that all of his tricky ways didn't work with me.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Your Majesty

Genevieve seems to be slowly, but surely, making her way past the evil, irrational toddler phase. I'm still graced with its presence far too much for my liking, but it's slowly giving way to hilarity. Genevieve has lunged into one of my favorite stages of kids-most everything she does and says is hysterical. One of my favorite displays first emerged a couple of weeks ago. Genevieve spilled something (as she is prone to do) and before I could do or say anything she apologized "I'm sorry, your Highness!" I was flooded with laughter and then a mixture of "wow that felt good" and a little guilt. I must act like the queen around here or something. Now for the last few weeks, she'll grace me with "Thank you your Highness" and some more "sorry, your Highness" and "Please, your Highness." I think I could get used to this. After all I am Lady Macbeth.

Monday, May 11, 2009


The first application, resume and cover letter on off and hopefully on their way to getting me a really awesome job. I feel really good just to have found something that really captures my fancy and actually found time to go to all the work to create a resume and cover letter. I haven't had to do that in like four or five days. It felt really good. I'm so happy. I've had a great week or so. Now onto finding some other awesome jobs to apply for. (I know I ended in a preposition, but I don't care).

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Happy Scale?

The scale was finally a delightful experience today, but not because of the reason you're thinking. I still need to loose all that weight, but when I stepped on today with a groan, Genevieve delightfully exclaimed, "You're growing up Mom!" Yeah or something like that. I did feel better though. I like it when some of those things I say to her make it back to me.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hannah is One!

Hannah turned one in Disneyland. I personally can't think of many places better than Disneyland to celebrate a birthday, but I think Hannah was just happy to be happy with everyone else. She came out that way. She was such a happy baby and she continues to be a lot of fun. She's a crawling maniac and a really good stander and I know she could walk if she wanted to, but for now she's decided being held and crawling is where it's at. She doesn't say anything other than hi and Dad and those are pretty infrequent, but she's got the grunting/screaming/whining and pointing down to a science (much to my dismay). She loves being outside and would be there all day if we could. She screams like a banshee when she has to come inside. The poor thing has been inundated with illness after teething after illness the first year of her life. I'm really hoping the second proves to be a whole lot better, but with nursery on the horizon, that may be a pipe dream.

After we got home, Hannah got to open her presents, well I should say she got to be around while Genevieve opened her presents. She especially loved this purse that plays music. My mom put up a movie of it here . You've got to check it out. She's heading straight for music video dancer I tell you what. Oh and with the cake, she insisted on holding the fork. Seriously.