Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Check-out Conspiracy

I continually curse the genius that decided to place the irresistible, ever-enticing toys, snacks and various goodies in the check-out line. Seirously, I swear some executive was rubbing is greedy little hands together, cackling as he hatched the money making plan. I swear it had to be a he, because if it was a she with children, even if it would have made millions, she would have never done it to us.

The whole thing is so cruel. We've just made it through the last ten minutes of pure madness waiting just to get within the walls of temptation. The kids and I are already at our limit, then we have to enter the real test as tired, bored and desiring hands reach for everything in sight. It's all I can do to stay calm and keep them from man-handling every twinkie, yo-yo ball and mini-packaged play-do. During this, I need to make nice with the checker, put everything on the moving belt, and pay for it all. Then I have to listen to the wails as once again we have to put everything back and not buy. I swear that besides not wanting my kids to become more greedy, part of the reason I never let them get anything, is just to show that maniacal man, up in his plush office, that all of his tricky ways didn't work with me.


Megs said...

so true. so true.

GDuck said...

Hahahaha! Oh my goooodness, you make me laugh. Yes, it is a painful experience. I already want to go to the store without kids, and I only have 2!