Monday, June 8, 2009

Blissful Birding

I don't get up for much, but birding is one of the lucky ones. Jo, Jan (aka Miss Cooper) and I went birding on Saturday. Don't bash it unless you've tried it! We had a glorious time early Saturday morning talking, enjoying the gorgeous weather and finding almost thirty different kinds of birds. Jan is amazing and I was so lucky to get to bask in her wisdom once again. Russ was so nice to watch the girls and he's doing it again so I can go out next Saturday with Mr. Webb. I really don't deserve him. Really.


This is us birding back in January. I sadly didn't take any pictures this time.
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Scary Undies

Genevieve was coming in and out of the back door, commentating on what was happening in the backyard. At one point, she ran in, telling me about a bee that was buzzing about. She was a bit afraid. I'm pretty sure that's my fault, but whatever, I don't want her petting them and getting stung. She ends up going back out a few minutes later and returns  triumphantly holding her underwear and exclaiming "Mom! I just scared the bee away with my undies." I did not teach her that. But apparently if a bee is bothering you, just grab your undies and shake them around-bee problem solved.

That Was Hard

So I've been doing some athletic feats of late (I say feats, but for anyone other than me they'd be run of the mill, every day occurrences). About the best feeling was one day after I was huffing and puffing and walking the girls to the car, Genevieve said "Mom, that was hard for you, good job running." And although its slightly sad that it was hard, I did it and Genevieve helped me realize how cool it was and how cool she is.

Hannah and Duct Tape

So I swear that Hannah could speak if only I could find the invisible duct tape that is so firmly planted on her mouth. She'll look at me intently and make noises absolutely identical to someone whose been gagged and I'm positive that I just need to rip something off and then a whole flood of words would pour out. Wow wouldn't that be nice!