Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pirate Island

One of the things I love about Allie is she's still a kid at heart like me. We both still LOVE Disneyland and no one was more excited about Pirate Island opening than Allie. She'd seriously constantly check it's opening status via e-mail and drive-bys and so we were so there when it finally opened. I must say it's pretty cool, and while the food isn't terrible it's not that great either. The arcade was a bid of an ADD, germ-fest, but it was fun.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If You Need a Plumber I've Got Your Man

After several attempts with Draino and Liquid Plummer, we could avoid the inevitable no longer. I dread dealing with anyone in any sort of fix-it occupation. Mostly because I know nothing about what they are coming to fix and so immediately I feel in a terrible position of being extremely vulnerable to being taken advantage of. I also hate being in charge of explaining the problem, being there alone with them and making sure they are fixing only what needs to be fixed and doing it in an expeditious manner. I also dread the end when. . .da-da-dum. . . the horrific number that I'm supposed to fork out for their forty-five minutes of tinkering is supposed to warrant. It's usually exorbitant and I'm left wondering if I'm going to have to sell a kidney.

Our last happy experience involved a minor fridge problem, which was going to cost a fortune. The two guys that showed up spoke some form of backwoodsy English I could barely decipher and after they had broken several things on the fridge after several trips and a plethora of hours, somehow everything they did was NOW covered by the warranty.

So when I needed to call a plumber I was crazy nervous about who to get and how much it was going to cost. I had heard the most horror stories about plumbers and so I was super scared. Providentially my nice neighbor across the street had a plumber's van parked outside her house and I ran over there, after he left, to find out if he was any good. She recommended him and I'm telling you, he's awesome! Shane is honest, I understand what he's saying, he tells you how much it's going to cost and he's actually reasonable. He also recommends a drain guy who is just as cool--Dennis of Drains R' Us. So if you have a problem call Hank's Plumbing (Shane does the replacing of pipes) or Drains R' Us (Dennis expels the junk).

Monday, October 26, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wee Witches Weekend

A couple weeks ago, Mom, Allie, Hannah Gen and I headed up to great, and a few more greats, grandpa Archibald Gardner's Mill. He had eleven wives and so really, probably everyone in Utah is related to him somehow. This time we went up for a "bewitching" good time. And this time for reals, I am related.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Big Red Barn

has really good ice cream. Sometimes I contemplate driving all the way to Santaquin just to partake of the ice cream goodness. But then I remember it's Santaquin and I have one child in particular who thinks that screaming the whole time we are in the car is a good idea. Little tip Hannah, it's not. And really the outer reaches of Utah send me into involuntary twitches, but it's worth it for the fun of fall. Hannah and Genevieve absolutely loved it. I'm loving it! We're having a great time absolutely devouring every fall/Halloween activity this valley has to offer. I think I'll almost be a sad as Gen when it all comes to an end.

This year, as with all years, we rode the "hayride" out to the pumpkin patch, took a bazillion horrible pictures of ourselves, ate super yummy ice cream and then headed for dinner at the good ol' Family Tree where some nice man always croons away "Monster Mash" for Gen. This year my Gammie came and we loved the new addition.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I just can't get enough of this absolutely gorgeous weather. I feel like singing in the streets. The leaves are breathtaking both here and in the mountains, the temperature is absolutely perfect, the sky is an amazing shade of blue and there is just enough rain all smattered among the lovely sunny days. And the smell, I still can't put my finger on it, but whatever it is it's divine and I could drink it is so invigorating.

Please don't leave! Please!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stewart Falls

Yep that's right the Stewarts hiked and paid tribute to great, great, great, grandpa Stewart's falls. Remind me to tell you the story sometime. After our hike Aunt Martha also made us the most gourmet, gorgeous picnic you've ever seen! It was even better than the July spread of her magazine. But family is family and you've got to bring out the big guns for them. Alright, so it's all a lie, well except that the Stewarts did really like to the falls--we just aren't related to whomever these falls are actually named.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


The Uintas were gorgeous this year and we luckily made it up there before the weather took it's dramatic turn. I'm still way nervous about the idea of camping with Hannah so this was as good as it got as far as camping was concerned. Something about the idea being miles from civilization while Hannah is still circling the tent at 3 AM, keeps me away. Here are some pics from our adventure.

11 years after my first pair, Russ has seen the light :)

Photo Courtesy of Gen

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pedometers Make You Crazy

I'm giggling uncontrollably inside the sheets. No way is he stepping up and down by the side of the bed. It's late and he's looking like a lunatic trying to get what? like twenty more steps.

Russ is always trying to slide in just a few more steps and embarrassment is no barrier. I wouldn't be surprised to find him, at two in morning, pacing around the front room, or wait no, because that would be after midnight and wouldn't count towards that days allotment.

Now that the hilarity has worn off, I'm thinking of a plan. Maybe I can use this new found obsession to my advantage. "Oh I think we left the diaper bag in the car, would you mind getting it? Just think of all the steps you could get?!" Too bad you can't get any steps from diaper changes or disciplining moments. Wow then that really would be handy.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Utah Weather Sucks!

Russ thinks that's a naughty word, but I'm feeling a bit rebellious today, so I think I'll risk the lightning bolts.

This morning I found myself running late and scraping, that's right scraping, my windows with whatever I could find, which happened to be the top end of a tube of sunscreen. Monday I was strapping the kids into their infernos and scalding their poor little bums and today I was freezing my hind end off searching for the scraper.

I'm pretty sure this sweet little valley doesn't know the meaning of fall or spring. Sure you might get a day here or there where you can actually enjoy being outside, but really in the midst of the 90s, down into the 40s. It's really hard to remember a nice day here or there.

I've almost had it, I'm almost determined to pack up and move to the land of perpetual spring and where it actually rains. With the way today is going I just might.