Monday, December 14, 2009


Some Dutch/Belgian child was an absolute genius. In the Netherlands and Belgium there is a guy called Sinterklaas and he is a different man from Santa (Kerstmaan). So talk about double the goods. We love other cultures and so we have adopted ourselves into Belgium and the Netherlands. Russ is trying his darndest to teach all of us Dutch and so far Gen looks to be by far the best. We also try to steal some of their traditions for our own and so Sinterklaas pays us a visit too. Sinterklaas comes and brings a toy and candy the night of December 5th. Kids leave out their shoes stuffed with horse food for Sinterklaas' horse and then he and his helper, Zwarte Piet leave candy and a toy if you are a good kid. If you're a naughty child Zwarte Piet comes and whips you and steals you off to Spain (where he is apparently from). I don't know about you, but the South of Spain sounds awfully nice right now and I think I could handle a beating as payment. Piet, I've been extremely naughty this year please come and ship me off to Spain.

Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet

Girls Putting out the Shoes

I Guess They Were Good

Gen and Hannah both love their new princesses with pony

Don't Bother Her, She's Eating--In the corner is a typical Sinterklaas gift. A chocolate letter corresponding to your first name.

And of course a Kinder Egg.

Selecting This Year's Tree

After Thanksgiving we headed to our favorite tree spot and picked out our Christmas tree for this year. Gen got a bit cold (of course she refused her winter coat in favor of some flimsy jacket and Hannah of course has to do everything Gen does) so after Gen had insured that we had picked the right one, she headed for the car. I'm beginning to wonder about the flocked tree this year. I'm about ready to pull my hair out with how often I'm vacuuming and pulling flocking out of every surface known to man. I've got me two wild girls who definitely cannot leave the tree alone!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Real Man

Most of the time I can't bring myself to blog, because I don't want to download and upload the pictures. I really hate that part, but it does add a lot, so then I just end up not blogging. I think today though you'll be glad there isn't a picture of our most recent adventure.

This morning as I was running to get a cup to rinse Hannah's hair as Russ was watching over them (don't worry I watch those drowning commercials that leave me wanting to sick up every time they come on) and well in the interim Hannah decided to leave a twelve inch log in the tub. Yummy. Gen is screaming she wants out and Hannah still doesn't get what the big deal is with pooping the tub. I think she's ready to still spend some quality time in there. A couple of weeks I was dry heaving up a storm as I tried to remove said fecal matter from the tub to the toilet and so Russ being my courageous knight in shinning armor, took care of that horrid chore and he didn't even puke. Seriously, is there anything more manly than that? Definitely not. And Hannah if you poop in the tub again, I might be sending for the gypsies.