Monday, January 25, 2010

Ah the Evenings

I'm sitting here so happy that it's evening and I have some time to myself. Time goes by so slowly for me lately. It's partly the days all running together with little variation. It's partly the long drawn out wait this whole application process is for us. I told Russ today I can't wait until March so that we will know something, but the truth is, we still might not know by then. We've been waiting to know where we are going since we first decided more than five years ago that we would be doing the B-School thing. I continually have to remind myself that time will pass and that God is looking out for us and things will turn out for the best, but even feeling that, it's still hard. So I guess it's back to some mindless fodder-The Bachelor. I know, I'm a closet watcher. Even though I'm embarrassed by this fact, the psychologist in me, loves watching this crazy experiment in action. Oh the drama.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Last Month

has been a complete blur. Sorry about the lack of Christmas cards this year, I seriously don't know where the time went and then it got to the point where they were going to arrive after Christmas and I didn't know if that was kosher and frankly I was too exhausted to care too much. I'll try to do better next year. Here is the past month in as few pictures and words as possible.

Gen has her Christmas Dance Concert in the which she stands there and looks dumbfounded for almost the entire performance. Good grief. At least she looked cute. Really though, it's embarrassing/worrying when your child is the only one NOT dancing.

We head off to Disneyland with parts of my mom's family. It was absolutely fantastic! I'm telling you, Disneyland is the place to go with young kids. You buy yourself an annual passport and after that, traveling the way we do, it really is pretty cheap and we ALL love it. And it's your happy little way out of this winter-slogged, polluted joint.

The girl's are thrilled by the traditional new jammies on Christmas Eve. Notice Hannah taking a twirl.

Santa decides to make an appearance and I officially decide that being a parent on Christmas is pretty dang cool.

Gen shows her dual nature by asking for every accessory known to man (even a tiara) and a Playmobile pirate ship complete with the much sought after octopus.

It's so surprising to me to see how different your kids are. Gen has never really cared for babies, real or not, whereas Hannah absolutely adores both kinds. Consequently she received three babies this Christmas from various sources (don't worry we didn't buy more than one ourselves).

Gen starts preschool and we're both loving it!

Oh and we are still in horrible limbo as far a MBA schools are concerned. Oh the Joy!