Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Wranlger

I decided today, as I corralled the kiddies into their clothes and shoes, out the door, into the car and into the car seat and then did it all over again two more times (minus the clothes) that I am a full on cowgirl myself, and man is it hard work! These cute little animals have got to be harder than the meanest bull. So to all of you moms out there. . .you are awesome and oh so tough!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just Dance

Growing up I used to imagine what my children would be like. And somehow in that thought process they always had the personality and characteristics I wanted them to have. I even mistakenly thought that I could decide what my kids would be like. I thought they'd all be so social and try to interact with everyone. I thought they would jump into everything with enthusiasm. Silliness like that. If there is one thing I've learned with kids, is they are who they are. I can give them opportunities, encourage them, provide consequences for their actions, but I can't change their personalities. I can't make them be happy, or social, or funny etc.

This concept was completely driven home when Gen had her first dance concert.  Imagine my horror when every other child began dancing and my child just stood there looking forlorn. She knew the dance; I had watched her do the whole thing through the two-way mirror the week before. Now the other kids didn't look pretty, but they were dancing and mine spent the entire two dances, thirty minutes, head down, doing absolutely nothing. I was so embarrassed. My child is THAT child. So it was no surprise that at the dress rehearsal for the end of the year concert she freaked out again.  Despite my expectations, I was still horribly humiliated. This time she stood stock still and wouldn't respond to anyone. All she had to do was sit down so some other girl behind her could do her part without trampling Gen and she just stood there. After the teacher had no success, I went up and tried everything in the book. For the first five minutes of trying to ask her what was going on and trying to talk her into sitting down and getting absolutely no response but complete catatonia, I began with more sinister tactics. Sit down and dance and you'll get a barbie.

I have no idea what did it, but she finally sat down and remained head down for ten more minutes and then, miracle of miracles, when she came out on stage she danced. And I almost fell out of my chair when at the actual performance, in front of hundreds of people in a school auditorium, she came out and danced. 

Here she is once I finally got her to sit down: