Thursday, August 26, 2010


Last night I took my first foray into the knitting world and I think I'm in love. I enjoy anything that involves being somewhat productive while kicking back and chatting. Thanks Kathy and Ashley, it was a fun night. Right now the knitting is only a few rows long, but as of yet it's a row and not a jumbled mess. I'd call that success.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bat Girl

This is Barbara. When Gen was asked why she named her Barbara I was expecting maybe it was the long version of Barbe, but no, it is because that's what Bat Girl's name is. And that in essence is Gen and I love it. On one hand she can't get enough of fashion (seriously she was telling me how fashion is everything. Don't worry we had a LONG talk about that one.) and then on the other hand she LOVES Batman. 

Gen in bed with Batman keeping watch.
The man himself.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

We Made It!

Kansas Storm
80's Night! Aren't we Hot?!

Well we actually did make it to North Carolina. I know. I know you thought I had fallen in to a black pit somewhere and you were bawling your eyes out, but no, I have just been without internet and your modern day essentials for awhile and I'm consumed by the rubbish that I'm currently living with/under/on top of.

Moving was nothing when the longest move you've had is from Springville to Orem so I was wholly unprepared for the horror that is moving across country. We had several things that arrived completely broken, some things slightly broken and many things covered in some disgusting, black, soot-like substance. Ah joy. Plus when the moving truck was going to make it's glorious entrance was a mystery until the night before. So we got to spend several lack luster days and nights without our stuff. Cereal and sandwiches became our diet of necessity. I still have much to organize, put together and clean, but have lost most of my motivation.

We drove ourselves (not the moving van, thank goodness!) across this lovely nation of ours and the girls did remarkably well. There were no vomiting or pooping/peeing instances in the car and we only had about three meltdowns. Carly was a saint and came with us to help drive our cars. So she got to experience the barren wasteland that is Kansas. Seriously, I have no idea why Dorthy wanted to get back home so bad. That place is flat, dry and ugly. Sorry, but there it is. We had a lovely lunch at a local diner in Kansas though. The special of the day was livers and gizzards. I unfortunately did not partake nor did anyone else, but I would have really liked to have at least seen it. We visited Liberty Jail and Independence which may have been a bad idea since it made for a VERY long day for the children, but I loved getting to see it and feel the spirit there. Kansas City, MO was a pleasant surprise. The city was really pretty and we had a great view from our hotel and I can honestly say I have never met nicer, more friendly people in my life. Even the people at fast food joints acted like we were guests at the Ritz. Missouri and Indiana were much greener and hillier than Kansas and so felt pretty, but AWFULLY humid. Kentucky was gorgeous. So green and pictureque. I never thought I'd say it, but I would actually like to visit it for a few days. Our drive through Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina was gorgeous. The mountain passes were so green and beautiful even with the rain. Speaking of which, the rain was our constant companion throughout every day of the drive. I think we followed the same storm across the country.

We arrived at 6 PM the night before orientation started. Orientation kept Russ busy from 8-8PM and then parties were held from 10-2AM. Russ and I went to two (pictures to follow). I was also super busy with orientation activities for "partners". It was fun, but really overwhelming after a harrowing, whirlwind experience to get out here and get things settled back at home. Speaking of which THANK YOU to the AWESOME and AMAZING family and friends who watched our children, helped us pack, move, stay with them and all the other huge things you did for us. We would have never made it without ALL of you. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

So far I love how beautiful North Carolina is and we already have a wonderful ward, friends and a great neighborhood and place to live. We feel really blessed, but we miss everyone terribly and I'm actually missing the dry Utah summer. It is so humid and hot here.  Love to you all!


80's Night Party w/Some Cool Peeps
View of Kansas City from Hotel Room
The Truck Expertly Packed-Thank you Dave M., John (stayed forever!), Jo , Dave J., George, Dad, Allie, Nadine, Mom!! 

Gizzards and Livers!

After First Day of Orientation in Section 5 Shirt

One of Grams Many Presents that Occupied the Girls While Driving. Bless you Mom!

Liberty Jail