Thursday, November 18, 2010

All in a Day's Work

In the last 24 hours. . .

*I have swept up, mopped up and agonized over a glass cup.

*Put Hannah in the corner five times in thirty minutes, while making dinner, for things such as biting
Gen's belly, hitting Gen on the head with a tennis racket and pulling hair. 

*Scraped the side of the van on our stupid garage.

*Cleaned up after a poop accident.

*Fought to get anyone into their clothes.

*Listened to Hannah do anything and everything except take a nap.

*Watched Russ walk in an hour after he said he'd be home. 

*Wrestled Hannah down the stairs, out the door and into the car and then spent the next twenty minutes attempting to strap her into her car seat. I spent the drive, stopping every two minutes to put Hannah back into her car seat. She now looks like someone tried to straggle her. All thanks to her efforts to contort herself out of her car seat straps. 

I have two children and I am going absolutely CRAZY! How does anyone have more children? How does anyone do this day in and day out?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I know everyone thinks the library is a magical place to take their children. I think it's magically horrific. Tonight, I thought maybe it would be different. As I was looking to see if I had anything on hold and glanced over to actually see my children sitting looking at books and not ripping them off the shelves or running and screaming down the aisles. I thought, wow, maybe they're turning a corner and this is going to work out great. The euphoria is beginning to set in and I decide I can actually go hunting for my own book. Hannah is following right behind me. "Wow this is awesome!" And of course that's when all my joy comes to a screeching halt and makes its way right onto a mortifying journey. Hannah begins screaming and crying, with Gen in tow talking as loud as she possibly can. And what is Hannah screaming? "My bum itches mom" over and over and over again. Seriously, she didn't stop as I practically ran to the self-check out and she kept on screaming "my bum itches" until we made it to the car, even though I was frantically whispering "Don't say that Hannah" "I'll fix it" "It's ok. Your bum is ok". Nothing worked and now everyone in the dang library knows my daughters bum itches and my face can go thirty shades of red.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bad Bangs

I'd like to say that this butchering was done by someone at Great Clips or the like, but unfortunately it was there own, untalented mother. In my defense, there was a lot of squirming, but really, who does that kind of a job twice? I guess this sort of thing should be left to the professionals even if we are students. Anyone know how to make them grow really fast?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Break

We painted, we ate a whole lot of fried food at the State Fair, went to the Museum of Life and Science, Uncle Kim visited, had photo ops and I lost all the pictures of the State Fair, the Museum and neglected to get any pictures of Kim while he was here. I'm sick. I hate loosing things, but pictures and the like, hurt the worst. Just picture Russ in complete bliss sampling a Krispy Kreme Donut Hamburger (that's right two donuts sandwiching what you usually have in the middle of your hamburger. And a picture of a sign that has any and all of the foods you can think of fried. We also sampled a fried Snickers (not that good), maple syrup cotton candy (really good), Elephant ears and snow cones.  I just couldn't stomach the idea of a fried PB&J, mac and cheese or pie.

    I'll show you the cute pictures that Emily took, but I think this picture shows the other half of the story of these two. I laugh every time I see it. Both because what kind of mother takes a picture instead of stopping yet another fight and because really, after you try everything and you've completely had it, laughing is all you've got left.


We had such a great Halloween Weekend. The girls loved all of the parties, trunk-or-treating and Russ and I went to an awesome Halloween party. I know, we got a babysitter and everything. I hope you all had a happy Halloween too!