Monday, December 13, 2010

Southern Ice Cream

is pretty dang good in a rocking chair.

BYU vs. Duke Women's BBall Game

I wore a BYU T-shirt underneath my Duke, zip up hoodie, in the hopes of supporting both teams.

India Diwali Fuqua Friday

Back Home

Saturday reminded me of three things I've really missed. . .Costco's uncooked flour tortillas, an amazing $12.50 hour long massage and my family. Hannah and Gen have already been spoiled rotten. A trip to Cabella's with Grams and Popa and making pink popcorn with Popa. Their in heaven and I'm right along there with them. Now if only Russ would get here.


The Schindler's were nice enough to have us up to DC to their house this Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time eating a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, eating with the missionaries, chatting, going to see Harry Potter and watching movies. The girls also loved Ruby and her sleeping over companion Princess. They were cute little dogs. Our last day we had a great time playing Rock Band.


He visited us again this year even though Gen didn't want to put out her shoes. Here they are opening their present.

LDSSA Christmas Party

One of the best parts of MBA school for me is this awesome club. I love getting together with these people and the Christmas party was no exception. 

Kids Waiting for Santa
Making Gingerbread Houses

Genevieve and Hannah are only fans of Santa from a safe distance. They wanted nothing to do with sitting on his lap, but were hapy to converse with him at arms length.

Monday, December 6, 2010

My Child is Special

Hannah, a few days ago, was so mad she peed on me, on purpose. Yeah, I know, you only wish your kid was so smart and so cool.