Thursday, March 31, 2011

Allie To the Rescue

 Allie came to visit and she was nice enough to plan that visit for part of the time that Russ was off in Brazil. We had a lot of fun going to the zoo, dollar movies, sluicing for gems, perusing our life and science museum and eating a lot of good food. I loved having the company and knowing that she was down the hall, like the good old days. I hope she had a good time too between a bunch of meltdowns, my retreats to an early bedtime and two mounds of poo left by Luna. Yes, two mornings we both woke up to the wafting smell of Luna's poo. Both times there was a pile of poop on the kitchen floor. Yumm. I think Allie told me in all seriousness, her last day here, that she was planning on having one child. I'm sure that my sweet, wonderful children had nothing to do with her thought processes.

St. Patty's Day

In my almost five years of parenting I like to think I've learned a few things, both in regards to parenting in general and my kids individually. And I have learned a few things, problem is, there are many things to learn and my brain seems to keep losing power. Such was the case the day before St. Patrick's day. I had been thinking about Gen heading to preschool the next day and I was wondering the best way to get her into green. You see, Gen is insanely particular about what she wears and how she does her hair. Making her wear something is like sentencing yourself to an all out WWF wrestling match, which you won't win, but you'll end up watching the world's worst tantrum for a couple of hours mixed in with several trips to time out. So I wasn't sure I could get her to wear green without explaining the why, but I really didn't want to send her to the den of merciless four year olds with the pincers poised like ravenous crabs.  So my guilt got me against my better judgment. I began in the car "Gen, tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day so we're going to wear green". "Why?" Gen inquired. "Because that's just what we do, everyone wears green". See I was trying to avoid the whole pinching business, but unfortunately it was not to be because Gen came back with "Well, I'M NOT wearing green". "Well see the thing is, Gen, if you don't wear green you might get pinched".  This did exactly what I'd been fearing all along--mad pandemonium erupted from the back seat. Shouts of "Why, why would someone pinch you". "Why green?" "Who pinches you?" and really the same variations of the same questions plagued the rest of the car ride as well as the rest of the day. In fact, when we talked to Russ the next day, both of the girls' first questions were about Russ' wardrobe. Gen spent the entire morning before preschool trying on several outfits. I went in later to find several attempts discarded all over her floor. I wondered at their questions and their perplexity. Why do we all dress in green? Why do we pinch? Whoever came up with this scheme should really be proud of themselves. Not even immense school pride can hold a candle to the threat of a pinch. In this vein of thought I boycotted the day myself and when Gen saw me, she immediately remarked on my lack of green and was very worried I had been the victim of brutal pinching.  

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ah Museum Worker

Maybe it's because I worked at the Bean Museum for my entire BYU education, or because it was the museum of choice for my entire childhood, but I think the Durham Museum of Life and Science is the coolest museum ever. I mean if the Bean is awesome, this one is leaps and bounds above that.

Genevieve's favorite room is the butterfly garden. I have mixed feelings. When we were at the museum in the middle of winter, the girls and I were the only ones in the whole place. I'm telling you, these North Carolinians are sissies. It's forty degrees and sunny and they don't step outside. Well being the only one in the butterfly area has it's advantages. One of the workers caught some butterflies for the girls and let's just say Gen picked it up extremely quickly. The worker even praised her efforts. So now, every time we go there she catches a bazillion butterflies and I get dirty looks from all the other parents. So I sit and I squirm and I don't know what to do. Nice old man, you've put me in quite a conundrum.