Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

I was excited for the broadcast of The Royal Wedding from an Entertainment perspective, but surprisingly it did a lot for me beyond that.

I know that there has been some criticism over the excessive amount of coverage and attention paid to something viewed not as important as war, politics or tragedy, but I beg to differ. In a time when the world is topsy-turvey with all sorts of devastation and wickedness. When families are often broken and there is so much sadness being spewed from every media source. It's so refreshing to have so many people gather around their TVs to watch, in fascination, with what I think is life's greatest joy-marriage. When the world has begun, in popular culture, to turn it's back on marriage, I love that there is so much celebration over that one thing. I love watching William and his brother laugh and joke together and to see so much talk and reverence of families. I know it's made me reflect about my own wedding and remember all those wonderful feelings and to feel so much joy at finding my own prince and my own fairytale. Whether or not William and Kate truly love each other or not, I love that that's what we are all excited about. We all hope for someone that we can love as our best friend and lover. That we can create a family that cares about and loves each other. And we all want that to continue forever. I'm happy to believe that it can through Jesus Christ and His gospel.

P.S. I'm absolutely going mad over all of the crazy hats. Where do I get me one of those? And when can I get invited to something where I can wear it?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Yes. Those eyes are penned in red. I know. I couldn't believe it either. I promise, my child has not been reading or watching Twilight and I'm pretty sure she hasn't crept down the stairs and watched my ashamedly new fave, Vampire Diaries. It's good I tell you and Stephan kicks Edwards creepy, Emo butt (as per the movies, not the book). But I digress. So I was wondering in shock, how my four year old knew about vampires and even more, why she thought it was so great, that she just had to color her two favorite barbies eyes red. Then I remembered that Genevieve had pointed out a Barbie in FAO Swartz, she just had to have for her birthday. The Barbie was Victoria from Twilight. Of course, she had to inquire, on further inspection, as to why her eyes were red. I told her it was because she was a vampire. Instead of this news frightening her or causing her to rescind her wish, Victoria was even more beautiful and desirable. I guess we know where the red eye, vampire bit, came from. Now I just have to wonder why I had the same curiosity and attraction to the whole vampire stuff when I was kid and why a lot of people have the same fascination. Ideas?

P.S. Thanks for the comments. I'm happy to hear your stories and experiences. And really, I just love knowing someone is reading this thing.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Breast is Best-Aw Give it a Rest!

I'm sure some of you just inwardly shook your heads at my very unpopular and seemingly bad mom comment. If you decide to un-friend me on Facebook I'll understand. But I know there are plenty out there silently screaming "Amen sister!"

I feel like I've had a lot of friends lately going through Hell and back trying to breast feed their babies. Between infections, pumping when your not feeding and feeding when your not pumping, nipple shields, fenugreek, feelings of inadequacy, cracked and bleeding nipples that take weeks to heal, too much supply and too little supply--they are killing themselves. And most of these sweet, self-sacrificing mothers have ALL of these problems. I know I had all of these problems (minus the nipple shield) with both Gen and Hannah for months. I remember wanting so badly to quit, but at the same time not wanting to be the failure when all of these other women were feeding their babies for a whole year. I wanted to be a good, tough mom. I wanted the Lactation Nazis to be proud of me. But this was all at the expense of my mental and physical health. I truly believe there is WAY too much emphasis placed on breast feeding. If we aren't feeling bad by comparing ourselves to other "perfect" mom breastfeeders, the popular culture thrusts it in our face at every turn. I felt so embarassed when finally at six months after pumping and the fenugreek, I had no supply left. I was sheepish pulling out my contraband formula and at the same time angered by this feeling. My grandma bottle fed all of her babies and they have all grown up to be healthy, smart, awesome adults. I have also breast fed my babies and bottle fed them and honestly I felt closer bond and more love when I was bottle feeding. Bottle feeding didn't feel like slow agonizing torture and I still got to look into my sweet babies' eyes, smell there yumminess and have them snuggled close to me. Yes breast may be best, but only by a smidge. And if you're at your wits end, it's time to stop. It's time to focus on doing what's really best for the baby and that is having a healthy, happy mama. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nicole and Fam in NY

We had the best time hanging out with Nicole and her girls. Nicole and I met the first night to enjoy a night at the MET sans girl-children. We had a fantastic night eating and scouring the galleries. Nicole knew where everything was and we saw so much in a short period of time ( I did a terrible job when Russ, the girls and I headed back). We also met the next day at the Life and Science Museum where Nicole showed us around again and we both lamented over a crazy, anal security guard who had made it her life mission to make sure no child ran. Poor woman has a very futile quest ahead of her. I really wanted to run circles around her myself, just to see what she'd do. We then had dinner together and went shopping where Nicole helped me find some very cute sandals. The next day, Nicole had us over for Sunday dinner and both the dinner, dessert and company were amazing. Genevieve and Hannah had such a fun time playing with Elle and Sophie. The four of them were beautiful dancers together. Thanks Nicole for an amazing time!!

New York Pictures

We went to a lot of parks

No Trump at the Towers

You're Fired!

FAO Swartz Barbie Foosball Table

The Yummiest Waffles Outside the Motherland!

Heaven in a Jar-Spekeloos

Waffle, Belgian Chocolate Sauce, Ice Cream
Subway-Seriously their FAVORITE thing!

Life and Science Museum Giant Clam

My Pearls (Oh the cheeziness)

Fierce T-Rex Impression

More Fierceness

Central Park Picnic and Make Believe

More Parks

Ah Sar

 I think one of the greatest joys in life is friends. And I tell you, there is nothing better than having the same friend throughout childhood, adolescence, college, marriage, kids, moving and beyond. On our way up to New York for an LDS MBA conference, I got to see Sarah in her Philly. Sarah and I have been friends since Kindergarten. I still sometimes see her in my mind as the cute little Welsh girl with a plastic headband and a pony tail. She has been my ear and the source of parental wisdom since we made it to parenthood. I hope that no matter where we both end up, we'll be friends calling each other on our rest home phones.

Friday, April 15, 2011

"To sleep, perchance to dream- ay, there's the rub."

Finally sleeping on our trip to New York
Oh Hamlet, I love you. Sleep has been the word of the season around these parts. Between my constant tiredness, or as the doctors have labeled it, hypersomnia, and our children turning from our sweet sleepers to pure evil insomniacs, Russ and I are hoping for some respite from this madness. I think Gen and Hannah are in cahoots together. I hear them whispering together and plotting their evil plans. They come out a million times after we put them to bed. Then when they finally collapse, they come pester us at all times of the night. We've tried Supernanny, we've tried rewards, we've tried time-out, we've tried punishments and nothing is seeming to work. These were the kids that after we put in the time, having them "cry it out",  slept like logs from 7-7. Now they are not getting enough sleep and they are GRUMPY and mom and dad are right there with them. Hannah has been whining and crying most of the day and she has fallen asleep both on our walk and in the car. She is so exhausted. So I'll take sleep with or without any dreams--just get there and stay there children.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Peace in the Horror

This little girl was amazing. She had been working, really working, for three hours and was still filling up cups when we got there.
I've come to learn that I can't watch the news, because it just makes me anxious and sad. I do however, listen to NPR and I was so sad to hear about the earthquake in Japan. But once I heard about it, I didn't want to see or hear anything else. So when Gen brought home a flier from preschool about a little boy, in her class, that wanted to do a lemonade stand to help out the people in Japan, I thought it was sweet, but I just wanted to ignore that too.  I'm happy that Genevieve didn't let me ignore the lemonade stand. We went and the whole thing was so touching. I watched people from Gen's school as well as neighbors get together to help people who were suffering. Kids that go to Epworth and have family in Japan were also there helping out and working at the stand.  I felt so much peace and happiness at the connection and goodness that I was a very small part of. I know that out of every bad situation there is some good that can come out it, no matter how horrific the event is. That thought gave me a lot of peace for the bad things that seem to happen in all of our lives. I'm now a little less worried for any disaster that may find me.