Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It only took six months, but. . .

I made my dress! I think needing to sleep more than twelve hours a day, might have something to do with that. On that front, I think the doctor's and I have finally found the cure. I'm finally not so freaking tired! And I thought I'd never say it, but I'm tired of sleep and my bed.

Oh yeah and the fabric wrinkles something fierce.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

MBA LDSSA Beach Trip 2011

For a long time I've really wanted to do a beach trip with friends and this past week my wish was granted. The weather was perfect, the company was awesome and the kids were well entertained.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dance Drama

Yeah, my kids are those kids. You know, the ones the whole audience is laughing at and not necessarily for a "good" reason. Last year it was Gen in the fetal position for most of the dress rehearsal of her dance concert and this year it was Hannah standing stock still for half of the number and then turning her back on the audience in apparent defiance for most of the rest of the song. Awesome. At least the people around me were getting a kick out of it. Russ and I both just looked at each other shook our heads, chuckled and sighed. Yeah, I didn't think I'd ever have kids like that, but guess what? It happened and I do.  Oh and did I mention it took me thirty minutes of heavy persuasion to even get them to get their costumes on. I'm pretty sure dance is going to be a short lived trial as far as these two are concerned. I just can't take the drama.
Hannah NOT sitting with her class, but not behind a flag either

Gen during the class photos and before "go time"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Will She Say Next?!

We've reached that stage. You know, the one where you hold your breath and inwardly cross your fingers as you watch your child spill a lot of personal information about your home life. There have been a few good ones in the last little while.

Russ has secured an internship in San Jose, CA for the summer, so we happily will not be living on a park bench like I so feared. But with that happy news has come some scrambling. We were trying to figure out what to do with Luna and we were toying with the idea of having someone from the ward watch her for the summer. We did a few "playdates" with potential boarders and Genevieve came and had plenty to share about Luna. Things would seem to be going well, and then, of her own accord, Gen would randomly add "oh Luna loves to steal our stuff and chew it up" "She chewed up my shoe". " She can be so naughty". "Luna is really wild. She runs around like crazy." "Remember when Luna pooed in our house?" Awesome.

Gen went to the doctor yesterday and as the doctor is asking her seemingly innocent, although probing questions. I'm inwardly bracing for who knows what she's going to say. The doctor asked Gen what she likes to do and I'm just waiting for her to say "eat candy, watch tv, play the wii, watch movies and play on the computer." Instead she said "I like to ride my bike, go for walks, play on the playground and play with balls." My jaw almost hit the ground. I wanted to laugh out loud and I was absolutely amazed at how what she says constantly surprises me. I believe her. I know she likes those things, but I couldn't believe she said them. You'd think I'd prepped her or something. Don't worry, she responded that "we don't really do that, do we mom?" when I was explaining in front of the nurse, the poster that was encouraging more veggies and fruits and less screen time. And her mother's day gift from preschool said she loved me because "I let her play on my computer". I never know what's going to come out of her mouth and I'm sure that will never change. Here's to a very exciting life.