Monday, June 27, 2011

Ears Pierced

Before we left Utah Genevieve joined her aunts in getting her ears pierced. I thought we'd wait until Gen was a bit older and knew what she wanted for sure, but knowing Gen and her love for all things beautiful and fashionable, I have no doubt that she is going to be forever happy that she got her ears pierced.

She had expressed her desire to get her ears pierced over a year ago, but after we watched someone getting theirs pierced, she was terrified and told me that she would be getting them done when she was older. After seeing Allie's finished product, she quickly decided that "When she was four she was scared and not old enough, but now that she was five, she wasn't scared anymore."

She was very brave and held very still until they were pierced and then all that anxiety and fear unfolded on my shoulder.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sleep Deprivation. . .

is a really bad thing. I'm a beast without my sleep and I guess my children have inherited this charming quality. Hannah seems to be suffering from it most, of late. She thinks she's beyond the nap and I very emphatically disagree. Some days I have the strength and desperation to make the nap happen and other days it's not a battle I want to fight. Remember how I said the drive out here was good? Well it was, but we paid for it the next day.

The girls were SO excited to go and swim in Carly's hotel pool-- so we headed for a dip. Hannah had already thrown some pretty impressive and irrational tantrums in the short morning we'd been awake. So really, I was prepared for some more of the same, although somehow it did get worse. We were hanging out in the hot tub and Hannah was mad about something stupid and was poutting on the chair. One minute I look at Carly and the next back at a stripping Hannah. No amount of persuasion would get her to put her suit back on. I tried logic, threats, rewards and more creative methods. When those quickly failed, I moved into action to force the suit back on. Then like a heathen, she took off through the courtyard, stark naked, screaming like a banshee. A mother's life is nothing, if not humbling. I finally caught her and attempted to manhandle the suit back on, but after much sweating and inward cursing, I grabbed a towel and attempted to make her decent. We left the courtyard, with me being bruttally abused, and my lovely child complaining that I was hurting her, all the way to the car. Oh and she was literally foaming at the mouth and trying to spit on me. I love the public humiliation that follows this type of scene. Carly, Hannah really is a sweet, good child, just come see what she's like with adequate sleep under her belt. Please. Oh and I'm a good mom too. I promise.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Coming Home and Leaving to a New One

We finished up Russ' first year at MBA school, I spent a week after the beach house being sick and we checked off some more things to do in N. Carolina before we leave. Then we headed off to Utah. We were both there a week and I was there for two, but it seemed so much shorter. I'm so happy I got to spend so much time with friends and family, just not quite enough. Then Carly and I embarked on unknown paths. We put on our brave faces and hoped for the best as we trekked to San Jose from Provo. in one day. I'm happy to report we all made it alive and for the most part we were very lucky and we had two happy travelers. Carly then helped us explore the shopping, food, Great America and sites that San Jose and San Francisco have to offer. We are now experiencing somewhat of an extended vacation sans Russ (in the day). We are all snuggled up in our small hotel room and we are happy to have a pool and lots to do to save us from going mad in such close quarters. 

California's Great America Carousel

Hannah giving Snoopy some love in G.A.

Hannah and Gen's Favorite Ride Despite Getting Drenched

My favorite--Watching these two crash into the wall and everyone else. Every time they hit someone,  they'd giggle and Hannah would hiss- "We got you!" A sign of what's to come?

Happy Hollow Zoo and Park Entrance

Watching the Sea Lions

Best Fish I've had (Fish and Chips). Even better than Britain. Smitten with the owner saying "Thanks Love"

Happy Hallow Dragon Ride

Gigantic Pin Screen at the Exploritorium

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Heaven and Hell

Yesterday didn't start well, but I found my forty-five minutes of heaven in the afternoon. Ikea, you have truly won my heart. You definitely had captured it with your nifty looking, bargain furniture and gadgets. I loved having a bib provided for me and feeling like you actually wanted my rug-rats whirling through your displays of 500 sq. ft. But yesterday you proved to give me the one thing I have come to covet and rarely get to bask in-- a few minutes out of the day with no whining, and distant responsibility. Disneyland I still love you, but not even you, have volunteered to watch my children for one minute. I'll give you that we bond, we bask in the magic and there is definite respite to be found within your gates, but give me some time to myself and I'll be on my knees. I dropped my wildnesses off and for the first few minutes I was waiting for the lady in blue and yellow to tell me Hannah didn't want to stay, but no one came, no pager went off and I couldn't believe my freedom. I wandered around appreciating every nook and cranny, with no one to please, no one to worry over and no fear of major child destruction. I even regretted not having a book in my purse. Would it me unethical to sit in the food court sipping lingon berry juice while I read while someone watched my children for free?
Gen wanted a picture showing she was tall enough, she also wanted to exhibit her "vampire pose"

If Ikea was Heaven, today I was in Hell. The post office has to be the worst place to take your children. Tell me is there anywhere more boring, more sterile, less kid-friendly than the post-office? That wait that I'm sure you all hate, is twenty thousand times longer and more aggravating when your children won't leave the mail paraphernalia alone, run around in circles, have a knock down, drag out fight and draw the ire of the other bored, annoyed people in line. Man I hate that place. So to those of you that are a recipient of a package in the next few days, know that they were sent with the utmost sacrifice and consequently love.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Fabulous Five

I had an amazing childhood. But who wouldn't when you have Martha Stewart, I mean Karen Stewart, for your mom. I'm pretty sure that crafty gene flowed straight through Aunt Martha into my mother. Unfortunately, I'm sorry to report that it didn't find it's way to me. Genevieve, was however very fortunate to arrive to Grams and Popa's house the eve before her birthday. She had her dream fifth birthday as everything her imagination had conjured had come to life. She insisted on a musketeer birthday complete with masks. She and Hannah decorated our masks for the party, food was prepared and Gen received everything to dress herself and Hannah up as proper musketeers.

I made the cape and mom made the hats. Target or rather someone in China made the sword.