Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An Awesome Surprise

The cute kid, causing all the problems.
Yesterday was a knock-down drag-out fight with "pregnancy sickness". While trying to literally throw Genevieve's sandwich into a bag, I was desperately fighting the urge to puke. I hate throwing up. I avoid it at all costs and I'm pretty good at mind-controlling my way out of the actual throwing up bit. I do not ascribe to the whole "I feel better after I throw up" thing. Yesterday, was a huge exception. No amount of ice on the neck, sitting down on the kitchen floor or psychological tricks kept me from hurling myself to and into the kitchen sink twice in fifteen minutes. I know man cannot survive by bread alone, but how about Zesta crackers?

Genevieve and Hannah have been so incredibly sweet and understanding about this pregnancy. I'm constantly surprised at their attitudes. Genevieve asks if my back hurts periodically (thankfully not yet, but I say yes anyway. Who is going to pass up a massage? Not me!) and then will offer me a massage. They both will fetch me things if I can't seem to find my way off the couch and are weirdly tolerant of my need for more down time. Hannah does seem to still enjoy throwing herself onto my abdomen and generally squishing my belly, but Gen gets it, and constantly tells her to "not hurt the baby" and then she will rush over to me and stoke my face and tummy and give me a kiss on the cheek and ask if I'm ok. They also says some pretty funny things. As I was emptying my innards, Gen was rubbing my back and gave this nugget of info "I'm sorry mom, I guess the baby is getting bigger." She then offered to get me a glass of ice and water. So yeah I have some very cute, sweet nurses at hand. It makes the puking almost bearable. Almost.

It appears as though I'm being kicked, although I can't feel it yet.

Look at those brains!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fire-Breathing Dragons

I'm not going to lie, our house needs some serious help. There is a lot of clutter and a lot of toys scattered all over the place. Yeah this pregnancy is kicking my trash. It's winning and the house is also winning. Soon the house's goal of having chaos rein will be complete. I get sad because then I don't really want people to come over, because I know I can't make it presentable, but then I remember that I feel disgusting and I don't really want to do anything, but lie still, so I guess the sickness and exhaustion take care of both.

As I said, there is a lot of clutter, so I was completely shocked when one the girls' plastic lizard moved and scurried under the fridge. I've never had a real life lizard in my house. I didn't even know that was possible unless you lived in Hawaii. What surprised me more than our unexpected house guest, was my subsequent reaction. I worked at the Bean Museum for five years and handled turtles, snakes and lizards on a daily basis, but I think I've lost my mojo. After he/she ran under our fridge, I should have turned on the mighty lizard hunter, but instead I was paralyzed with, "I have no clue of what to do". Then we had to leave for church and who knows where he is right now. That thought is so disturbing to me. I realized I'm not exactly worried about him making a home in our home, but I'm worried about him dying in our house. That idea creeps me out! Yikes. So I've found myself not wiping up some minor water spills, hoping that this will keep our little friend from rotting in an unknown corner. I know something is really bothering me when I dream about it and of course Mr. Reptilian, made the dream reel. Apparently he is really a tiny fire-breathing dragon. So if our house goes up in flames, there will be a reason and a positive--My house will finally be tidy and our little dragon is still alive.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thirty is Feeling Really Old

So it's official. All of the throwing up, feeling like a want to die, being excessively tired is actually not for naught. There is a baby in there. The supreme, all-knowing wheel has deemed the due date to be April 5th, however the magical wand of the ultrasound believes that I am a week behind that. Who knows who will win?! Oh the excitement. I have been so much more sick with this pregnancy. I'm feeling so old and like each pregnancy is rapidly wearing me down. How do people have twelve children? How do people have five? I'm definitely struggling through this third one, that's for sure. Drumroll please. . .here is the first picture of our cute alien child.

Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day of School

First Day (Part day)
I'm still reeling from having a child old enough to be gone seven hours of the day. Genevieve did preschool last year, but I'm still weirded out from having her gone for a good portion of the day. Genevieve has always been an extremely clingy child since the very beginning, so we've been attached at the hip for five, seemingly long years. I wasn't sad when she stepped on the bus, just worried, confused and waiting for this to become normal. She loves school so far and loves riding the bus and my life has certainly gotten easier, but it's still just so bizzare.
First Full Day and First Day on the Bus!

After 1st full day. . . I think she likes it!

Hannah also started preschool. We were all worried, since she has such a rough time with nursery and babysitters. The first day she was stonewalling the teachers and the kids when I left, but no tears. And when I picked her up she was SO happy. She is itching to get to school as soon as Genevieve is off to school. And now I have time every day to myself. Yeah I'm feeling extremely spoiled. This is the life. I'm definitely living the dream.

First Day of Preschool

Not sure about all this

After school-So happy!