Monday, October 10, 2011

I Hate These Things!

I like animals. I like bugs. I'm even so crazy as to refuse to kill them when I find them in the house. Instead, they get the royal treatment of a carriage ride via a cup and paper, back to the great outdoors. I love North Carolina. It's beautiful here. I love living in a forest and the variety of birds that sing outside everyday. I love how fall is truly fall. I get to enjoy nice full months of mild temps. and beautiful leaves.

What I hate with every fiber of my being are mosquitoes. They are bugs and this fantastic weather has them lingering into November.  I'm pretty sure God could have been talking solely about mosquitoes when Adam and Eve were tossed out of the garden and there was going to be torment instead of paradise. Mosquitoes love to eat me and my children. We can't even go outside and play because we will be eaten alive. Gen and I have the misfortune of being mildly allergic to them. Our little bites swell to the size of golf balls. Hannah has the horrible habit of scratching her bites until she has horrible lesions all over her body. She seriously looks like the plague has found it's way back to her. The bites also cause extreme sleep disruption. We have little visitors constantly waking us up with complaints of severe itching and not being able to sleep. And finally I'm always in slightly panicky, mad state when making our way from the car to the house. I find myself fumbling with my keys and freaking out to get us all inside before the beasts can have their feast. I'm constantly saying, "hurry shut the door before the mosquitoes come in". And then I'm ticked because all of this is because of some practically microscopic creature that provides absolutely no benefit to the ecosystem and are instead harbingers of horrible diseases and maddening scratching. I hate you mosquitoes and if I had it my way, I would obliterate you off the face of the earth forever.  You suck and not in a hot, good vampire way.