Monday, April 30, 2012

Stewart Asher Macbeth

True to form, by trying to be prepared and together, I end up doing something really stupid. I packed the car with our necessary hospital supplies and wanted to make sure our most precious supply, the camera, was very safe, so I placed it in the trunk and then locked the trunk. Durham isn't this countries safest towns and break-ins are fairly common (I can say this now that I'm soon to be leaving and my mom won't freak out for the next two years). My brilliance proved to be my undoing. Upon arriving in the hospital room I realized we had forgotten to retrieve the camera from the trunk, since all of the unvaluables were up with us. Russ ran down, realized he needed my key because the trunk was locked, ran back up and then back down and then spent a good while trying to unlock the stupid trunk. Meanwhile I'm being tortured by a novice student nurse. I'm not good with needles to begin with and then I get to be test dummy. She fished around and then fished some more, all the while I'm trying to breathe, not pass out and act the model patient through the pain and terror of her torture. That bit was by far worse than the next six hours of labor. She extracted some tubes of blood after what seemed like hours, only to come back twenty or so minutes later, to tell me that the lab had let her know that she had not gotten enough of my life force. I should have refused her vicious services this time, but I'm far too accommodating. Russ phones me to tell me that the trunk is unequivocally good and stuck. My brain is foggy and I let him know I'm about to pass out. He keeps talking to me and checking in, to make sure I'm still with him and gives up on the camera and hightails it back to the torture chamber. Luckily, our friend Kathy came to the rescue and let us borrow her camera.  Thanks to her, Stewart will have more than just an iphone pic to document his birth.

On the advice of the more experienced nurse, I wait on the epidural. Apparently the magic can wear off, if you take it too early. Hannah's birth was amazing, but I still remember the end and that part was out-of-body painful and I wasn't up for going natural again. So I knew I was wanting the sweet, sweet juice this time. I still labored for a good six hours and got the epidural before they broke my water. Good thing, since everything went quickly after that. About and hour and a half later Stewart made his appearance. I felt him hanging out and crowning, but was a little unsure if that was really what I was feeling and almost didn't call for the nurse to come back and check me. But, sure enough, she came in and told me not to push, because he was right there. I was mentally hurrying the doctor, because I didn't want to give birth to an alien, coneheaded child. I pushed a few times, tore to a two and he came out "with a very lusty cry" according to the OB. She and the nurses both told me that they'd love to deliver my babies anytime. Russ cut the cord and I got to hold him right away. I fell in love immediately. They let us spend a lot of time cuddling him, before they weighed and examined him. He was 9 lbs. 1 oz., 21 inches long and I'm pleased to report, came out with a perfectly round head. He was a perfect angel in the hospital and everyone loved holding him and feeding him. The girls couldn't get enough of him and spent hours in my tiny little hospital room, switching off snuggling Stewart. My mom was so sweet to also spend hours with the girls and us at the hospital and then feed and take care of them at home.

Stewart's first name is my maiden name, plus I just think it's a pretty cool, old school name that has some fun nicknames. We plan on employing Stew and Stewie on a regular basis. Asher is one of the lost tribes of Israel and means, blessed/happy. The tribe itself was blessed with smarts, good looks and wealth. Mostly after Genevieve and her notorious colic, what we desperately hope for is a calm and happy child, but the other traits couldn't hurt. 

So far Stewart is mostly living up to being a happy baby. He is completely content as long as someone is holding him and I swear he's smiled at me and Russ a couple of times. Hopefully he'll soon learn the fine art of sleeping for long periods of time in his bassinet, instead of the cat naps he currently seems to prefer. Luckily, he saves those for the day and usually gives us some good stretches of sleep at night. The girls are being excellent big sisters and most happily the drugs are working their magic and I feel SO much better than I did around this time, with the other two, postpartum. My improvement could also be greatly attributed to the fact that I'm not nursing this go-around, but don't tell the Le Leche Nazis I told you that. And now to what you really wanted to see-- pictures.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Help is Here, Baby is Not

When I started having irregular contractions a month and half before my due date, I began to worry and think this baby was for sure coming early. These sorts of contractions had only visited a couple of weeks before my due date in the past and so I figured something new was afoot. So it's come as quite a shock and been a bit of mental torture that all of these contraction have landed me late. However, my mom is now here and we've been able to do some fun things that I thought weren't going to happen. She got to spend a whole day at the best museum in the whole world, come to Fuqua Friday and we got to hang out and tour Duke with my Aunt Jan, Uncle Kevin and cousin Katie. Oh also, another plus, Russ didn't miss the birth of his child when he flew across the country to interview for a job in Seattle.

Genevieve's Kindergarten Program

I have no idea why I have such shy children. It's probably because I thought I was going to have just the opposite problem and I was secretly very excited about that prospect. Genevieve has given me a lot of grief and anxiety over her past dance and other public performances. She's hidden behind a flag for a good forty-five minutes before a dance performance, sat with head down for her entire dance dress rehearsal and categorically refused to give her talks in church. While all the other parents are having a good time enjoying her shy antics (I just wish I could be one of them). I'm dying. Consequently Russ and I didn't know what to expect when we showed up at her Kindergarten Program. I think Russ and I practically fell out of our seats when not only was Gen singing and dancing, but she was close to one of the most animated kids up there. She was SO into it. Wow was it ever fun to watch. Maybe we've turned a new leaf, but I know I'll probably still be holding my breath for awhile every time she performs.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring in Durham

 I absolutely LOVE the weather here in Durham. The falls and springs are lingering, beautiful and full of the perfect temperatures and conditions. Spring starts up in February and Fall ends at the beginning of December.  The winters are incredibly mild and you only have to hibernate for a couple of months in the summer. Although, that is just my preference since I really don't like the heat unless I'm swimming. Here is just a taste of the beautiful spring we've been enjoying. Happy Spring!


Very last minute, we decided to chance an early entrance into labor (ha ha)  and head to the mountains during Russ' spring break. The scenery was beautiful and we were happy that the Campbell's could join us for all of the soaking, gorgeous fun.

Leprechaun Gem and Jewel Hunting