Thursday, June 21, 2012

We are Selling our Home in Orem

We are selling our remodeled home in NE Orem. We've loved living there. It's been a great place to have parties, put on clothes in the huge walk-in closet, cook in the open kitchen with granite counter tops and store an obscene amount of stuff in our tall two-deep car garage with loft. Tell yourself and everyone you know. Here is a link to our listing on KSL.


The Fam Visits and Helps us Move and Williamsburg

Allie, Mom and Dad all came out to visit one last time and to help us in the crazy, yucky task of moving. I'm pretty sure that without the help of family and friends we'd still be trying to pack up and leave. Before moving Mom, Allie, Russ, me and the kiddos made a short trip out to Williamsburg. We had a fabulous time going back to the revolutionary days of America and exploring what life and America was like at the birth of the USA. My mom also graciously indulged us in a day of roller coasters at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. It's known as the most beautiful amusement park and it is gorgeous. I loved not being pregnant and getting to ride crazy rides again. The highlight of the day was seeing our first ever fireflies. Fireflies are just as magical and enchanting as I always hoped they'd be.

Gen is 6!

Genevieve was lucky enough to have Allie and Grams here for her sixth birthday. Genevieve had a fabulous day at school, opened presents, picked up Grams from the airplane, ate at Noodles and Company, ate cake and went bowling. Genevieve also requested that her birthday have an ocean theme. Genevieve is an avid party planner and has always been very specific and adamant about her birthdays. Even when she was two, she was instructing people what to wear to her birthday, what we would eat and what everything should look like. Gen thinks I do a great job, but I wonder how old she'll be before she realizes that her mom "ain't no Martha Stewart." Probably on that day, she'll enlist my mother's fantastic skill for all her future birthdays.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Russ Gratuates

I think one of the saddest truisms in life, is the fact that all good things must come to an end. Leaving Durham and being done with Duke was really hard for both Russ and I. We loved participating in all of the graduation festivities, but they were all fraught with a tinge of sadness at this chapter in our lives coming to a close. We were happy that Russ' parents could come out for the graduation and check out Durham for a few days.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nags Head, NC

We spent another glorious week in the Outer Banks after Russ had finished his finals. We teamed up with eight other LDS families from the Duke MBA program and rented a pretty sweet beach house in Nags Head. The week was full of lazing about on the beach, surfing, swimming, interviewing (poor Russ), reading, discovering yummy food places and enjoying chatting and playing with friends. Gen and I even caught a few waves together and she'll be quick to tell you that on her last ride she fell off the board and went for a tumble in the waves. Russ and I traded off holding Stewart, who unfortunately has turned out to be a rather high maintenance little lad. But despite his fussiness and desire to be held, he still hasn't approached Genevieve's colic, which we hold as the gold standard of very nasty colic. I'm going to miss the Outer Banks and how much fun can be had by vacationing with friends and as such I purpose a yearly friend trip to somewhere cool. Who's in?!

Russ is 31

Three days after Hannah turned four and eight days after Stewart arrived, Russ celebrated his 31st birthday. Apparently the whole thing is a blur for both of us, because as I'm sitting here asking Russ what we did, we can only remember eating at our favorite diner in Durham called Elmo's. But don't worry for Russ I'm sure the rest of the day was amazing, because despite having a baby and apparently losing my mind, we love birthdays around here and make sure to party hard. 

Hannah is 4!

 April 17th Hannah Eithwen Macbeth turned four. She was lucky enough to have Grams here to celebrate along with the rest of us. Hannah requested a trip to Monkey Joe's and a Happy Meal at McDonald's. We had purple cake and opened presents upon our return. Hannah felt like she got everything she wanted and I'm happy my kids have been pretty nice about not begging for birthday parties. With Stewart being born five days before the celebration, it was a miracle we even got something wrapped and planned.