Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

A hurricane visit threatened a few times in North Carolina, but one finally found us here in Connecticut. To be honest we were fairly lucky, we didn't get a ton of rain and so we were saved from any flooding. The wind was strong and crazy and after six hours of surviving it's wrath, the power flickered a few times and went out for good for six days. My poor parents picked an exciting or rather boring time to come and visit us. But they got to experience their first hurricane so I guess they'll always have that. I don't think any of us expected their trip to be a camping trip, but that's what they got. No showers, cooking over a tiny camping stove and reading by flashlight and lantern. The storm also had poor timing as far as effectively trapping us in right after my uncle passed away. We made flights out soon after we heard, but they were subsequently cancelled. Russ was a saint and watched all the children, plus worked from home, when my parents and I finally flew out four days after the storm hit. We weren't sure we were going to get off the tarmac, after sitting on it for two hours, but I think all of us practically melted in relief when we left the hurricane mess behind us.

The morning after the storm we were greeted with a couple of small trees that fell over in our yard and two huge trees, that fell in just the right way, a couple of houses down the street. I was amazed how so many people were so blessed that trees and debris fell in just the right way.

Last Saturday Russ let me be the one to go and help with some apartments that had flooded in South Norwalk. It was a Stake service project with the new Mormon Helping Hands campaign. I loved being able to get out and do some good work that seemed to be appreciated and was very much needed.

Tree Blocking Our Street

Downed Power Line

Tree Slingshot
Another Look at the Tree Blocking Our Street

Top of the Power Lines Hammocking in Other Power Lines
Additional Huge Pine Across the Street from the one in Earlier Pictures

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