Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Hannah Pick-up

The Naughty Dog in Stew's Bassinet-Naughty, Naughty!
Dropping Hannah off at school or picking her up from school is strangely bothersome. I fantasize about her riding the bus to school with Genevieve. Part of the reason is that I often disrupt some part of Stew's sleep schedule which with my sweet, temperamental child is less than optimal. A few drop-offs ago I found a new reason to fear the pick-up.

Luna is a dog after my own heart. She loves to get out and about, so she usually accompanies me to and from Hannah's school. I was running late that day and of course the gas light blinks on. I have no time to grab gas before picking up Hannah if I'm going to be on time, so I just pray that I'll be able to make it to the station after I've collected my preschooler. I pull up right in front of the pick-up doors. Hannah is waiting behind the glass, so I leave the car running and scurrying up to help her down the steps and into the car. Upon reaching the car I'm horrified to find that my sweet, stupid dog has locked us out. She's sitting perched at the driver's seat, looking excessively pleased with herself. I swear I saw a sly smile creeping out from the side of her mouth. I'm pretty sure if she could have grown two thumbs and some longer legs she would have driven off cackling. Instead she just stared at me as I'm shamelessly trying to encourage her to push the button again and again and again.

Of course I'm in my pjs with some frumpy coat I've thrown on to cover up the fact I am braless. I would like to say that this is a very rare occurrence, but that would be a wee bit of a fibby. So at this point, I'm horribly embarrassed, but not enough to stop yelling at Luna in a high-pitched, enthusiastic voice to "shake". Luna humors me a couple of times and gives me a half-hearted high five, but quickly gives up and just stares at me as if to say "Get in the car already silly. This is boring." At this point I give up and figure it's time to call Russ. But throughout waiting for Russ I never give up. I try throwing sticks, a discarded water bottle and snow at the car in the hopes that it will throw Luna into one of her crazy moods and she'll haphazardly unlock the door.

Gen and Hannah are, much to my chagrin, incredibly shy and at times rude to strangers, so of course today of all days, Hannah decides to become chatty. She yells to everyone that comes out of the school that her dog locked us out of the car. At this point I look like a hobo, I'm throwing trash at the car, talking like an insane person, the very little gas I had is wasting away and Hannah is calling over everyone to come and have a first hand view of the embarrassing scene. Luckily Russ was working from home that day and had Stew safely sleeping with him instead of screaming his head off in the car and fifteen minutes later Russ arrived with an extra set of keys. I even made it to the gas station in time. So all is well and Luna still gets to come along for the ride, but I always take the keys with me now.