Thursday, February 21, 2013

Disney August

The summer was a crazy time for us, we were in limbo between school and figuring out where the next job would take us and squeezing out every bit of fun with our friends and family in Utah. Posting about our adventures and much of anything that happened took a back seat to actually living those adventures. But I've got to document for posterity, so I'm warning you here comes the long, boring slide show. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow Dump!

The snow came and dumped twenty inches and then just took off and left. Can you believe it?! How rude! Russ and I got our work-out for the weekend shoveling. Luna expelled some serious energy bounding through the dunes and the children didn't last too long outside with the cold, mean winds. Happily no power was lost and the "driving ban" was lifted in time to go get some dinner. Can you believe it? They completely closed all of the roads in CT and if you drove, you chanced getting a ticket. Welcome to Cuba my friends.

Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm Calling You Out New England

And so it Begins

What the East calls Nemo, would be a regular old snow storm in the West. I asked my mom today how much snow they got with one of their snow storms this winter. She said 18 inches. We're projected to get 10 inches and the Governor is declaring a state of emergency. We most likely will lose power and it will take them a week to get the power back on because they refuse to bury the power lines and someone akin to the Mafia runs the world back here. I hope Mr. Governor can just get the power companies to actually work.

School was never closed for snow, never ever, when I was in Utah. The bus would crash, the roads would be unplowed, slick and dangerous but we were expected to be at school, work or appointments. I think we've had five or so either complete cancellations, late starts or early releases, thanks to snow. The roads have been clear and there has never been more than four inches. I just don't get it. Some days they've called a half hour before they are releasing the kids and expect us to have gotten the message and be there to get them. But I guess if it happens in NYC, it's always a big deal.

We'll see what tomorrow, after hours of snow brings, but for now, I'm not impressed Blizzard Charlotte/Winter Storm Nemo.

The total so far. . .

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Once I Pop (MSG), I can't stop!

When I think of MSG (mono-sodium glutamate), I think of Chinese foods and packaging/signs touting their lack of the nasty ingredient. I had no idea why MSG was dangerous and I was confusing it with other cancer causing chemicals. The research seems mixed with some claiming that it can give you horrible headaches, heart palpitations etc. And other research suggests that in small amounts MSG is perfectly safe. The studies that grabbed me are the ones that talk about MSG's addictive and weight gaining properties. MSG is found in all kinds of stuff I never realized: Campbell's Soup (almost ALL), Pringles, Lipton soup, Doritos, fast food and basically anything processed that is salty. No wonder when I dig into some Pringles "I pop and I can't stop". And did you see the crazy goat and the crazy man commericial who are insanely hoarding and munching on the Doritos? Maybe it's not so far from the truth.  Many of the studies linking obesity and MSG are done with rats. They inject baby rats with MSG and voila they become super fat rat adults who eat and eat and eat. No wonder Cream of Chicken soup casseroles are so yummy and I way overeat. What do you think?

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