Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday, March 1, 2013

So long February. . .Hello March!

Blech! Dirty, nasty, crusty, February snow.
Today I get to do what I've longed to do for a month--wipe clean the month of February from our calendar and write March in big green letters. I'm sorry February, but you are my second least favorite month, right after January. You are looooong and this winter has been even longer. The kiddos have been sick since November. No exaggeration. We just keep picking up one bug after another. You are happily met March. I can't wait for warmer weather, greener surroundings and a healthy family. To end off February here is the good and the bad:


Luna, in a frenzied state, stomps and breaks off the passenger side mirror. And no, she didn't get that squirrel.


I'm fixing it myself. I'm half-way through.


We have a fantastic time exploring Montreal and bring back a lot of good chocolate and food. Oh and we eat poutine, crepes and the best, warmest, flakiest croissant I've ever had.


It was cold, really cold (like single digit with a nasty windchill factor) and the girls have only conceded to going back when it is summer.

Good: We get to attend a Late Show Taping with David Letterman and eat a yummy dinner at Angelo's.

Bad: No bad, it was all good. I highly recommend the City without children.

Bad: We are nearing the end of treatments for ear infections and pink-eyes.

Good: We've got to be up for a break, right?

Oh and the best part about March-I'm going home. Just me. No kiddos. A break, a real break. I'm super giddy and super in love with Russ.