Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm Writing That Hit Song- "Alone in My Principals"

I'm crazy. I'm weird. I live an hour away from NYC and I don't like where I live. Not one bit. Ok maybe a bit. I like all the cool places we get to see and fun trips we've taken. But day to day, it's not my cup of tea. There have been a lot of tears of frustration and sadness where the majority of the populace would be shedding tears of gratitude over the grand luck and opportunity of living in the East. I've never been enamored with NYC, but I have always thought New England sounded absolutely charming and somewhere anyone would be lucky to reside. I would look at the Connecticut quarter and think, "Yep, just like that quarter is gorgeous, so must be Connecticut." I now say, "It's charming to visit, not to live in". I know that I'm pretty alone in my sentiments and I'm pretty sure that even if I'm not, the New York tourism mafia has a hit out on anyone who in anyway disparages the greater tri-state area. So if I'm dead tomorrow, you know why.

I mostly frown at generalizations, but here goes one from my lips anyway: People in this area are mean. They say what they think and mean what they say. They have no problem letting you know exactly what you've done wrong, how it's effected them and how you should fix it. A poor little Mormon Utahn doesn't know what to do with all that naked honesty except have a good cry in the car after her first few trips to the Danbury Costco. But a year and a half later, I'm weirdly grateful for something being here has done for me: I've gotten a thicker skin, become more confident in who I am and saying what I really think. I still hope to be kind, sickly friendly and true to my British politeness roots, but I also hope to get better about being brave.   

In the past, with my blog, I've very much striven to be open and honest with my feelings and I think I've done a good job with that. I try to portray my real feelings, my real life and not a glossy exaggeration of the happiest and most picture perfect moments. But I want to write more and write more honestly. So here is to writing consistently and even less censored. I'm crazy and I'm weird and I'm OK with that!

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