Friday, March 21, 2014

Carly's Fall Visit-'13

One of my favorite things is when people come and visit and we get to explore where I live and reconnect. Carly came for a glorious week in the beautiful fall. We did SO much and had a wonderful time. I recommend any and all of the above if you are in the Connecticut/New York area.

Yale Museum of Art and Yale Campus

Yale Campus, Yale Library

(From left to right- Gutenberg Bible, outside the library, Yale Library, Linquist Castle, Audubon Book, Linquist Castle)  

Linquist Castle

Linquist Castle

Mystic, CT-Sea Swirl (bottom left and top right)  and Union Church in Pocantico Hills, NY

Mystic Aquarium

Gillette Castle

Hartford Connecticut State Capitol and Katherine Hepburn's grave

Culinary Institute of America and Stewart's Gas (has fabulous ice cream)

Culinary Institute Food, Campo Beach

Campo Beach

Campo Beach

Campo Beach and Korean Spa in Queens, NY

NYC Food Tour

NYC Food Tour and Phantom of the Opera

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