Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Long Time in Coming and Before and Afters

Almost a year is probably enough for anyone to think I'd given up writing on this blog altogether. But it's the sort of thing where you sit on an idea for awhile and life happens and then it's been so long that you don't know where to start because it's been too long. And then the unthinkable, most wonderful miracle happens, you get to move back to your family and some of your best friends. And then you get to buy your grandparents house and live behind your parents. And then you start to remodel said house and that's literally all you do from waking until sleeping. Your kids' mother turns into a painter and she paints the whole stinkin' house and she never wants to paint again. But not before Stew escapes, goes wandering and the immediate neighborhood likely thinks, that crazy painter, is the world's most neglectful mother.  And there is no time for writing, or blogging or anything but designing, and contracting and painting. Even when all of the craziness is over and the house is finally put back together, there is not one ounce of productivity left in me for a good long while. 

Everyone loves a good before and after, right? I know I do. So here is the first installment:


Sage said...

Beautiful job. I painted my whole house in Brewster after being the general contractor for the 85% remodel. I feel your pain and admire your good taste.

Dan and Hillary Ross said...

I love your tile! I'm so impressed!