Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kids' Bath Reno

The shower in the kids' bathroom was the size of a cozy telephone booth. We took out a linen closet next to the shower and widened the shower into a large shower with a full length bench. We retiled the floor with long tiles mimicking hard wood. A new toilet was installed. The ceiling and floor got new paint (after I had already repainted once due to lead being detected in the paint). The old sink was taken out and a concrete trough sink was designed and built to fit the length of the wall. A custom cabinet was built to fit the concrete sink. The cabinet includes three "drawers" on the bottom, which pull out as a step so the kids can reach the faucet more easily.


Brit said...

Looks gorgeous! How did you do the concrete sink??

Vhari said...

Thanks Brit! I've loved seeing your remodel. We hired people to come and help do a lot of the remodel. I just was the painter and general contractor. We had a company called concretexpressions make it. They are located in Utah, but I know they were working on a bunch of sinks for a hotel in NY.