Thursday, February 26, 2015

Living Room and Entry

I never thought of myself as a whiz at home improvement. Mostly, I thought I was terrible at it. I'm still not great, but I now wonder what else can I supposedly "not do" that really, if I study and try, I can do? I wasn't an artist. I'm still not a great one, but I can throw pots and I kind of wonder what else I could do that's artsy that I had sworn off as "I have no artistic talent". Watch Tim's Vermeer (a documentary) and I think you'll start to really rethink your constructs of what you can do. Most of being able to do anything, is just the will and determination to work hard. Russ and I installed the engineered hardwood in these rooms, hallway, as well as in the kitchen. I sanded and repainted the banister, bookcase, ceilings and walls. I repainted light fixtures from copper/orange to brushed nickle. I uninstalled and reinstalled the light fixture in the corner. I wired it and I rewired and changed out all of the switches, outlets and face plates. Someone else re-stretched the remaining living room carpet. The paint color is Quiet Moments by Benjamin Moore and it's one of my favorites that we used. One secret I discovered, after initially the big buck for Benjamin Moore, is that you can use Behr or a similar paint company and they can match colors. They even have most of them in their system.


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Karen and Brent Stewart Family said...

Georgeous and so IMPRESSIVE with all your hard work and inspiration and vision